Farmers Free 7-day Forecast: Headline Heavy Rain and strong winds 28/Oct-5th Nov



!Weather Alert!​

Heavy Rain in the west with up to 500mm is now likely​


Heavy rain will continue across northwest England, south and east Scotland, Wales, and into and across southwest England through the morning. making a very wet day slowly clear from Scotland in the afternoon while continuing elsewhere. there will be an increased risk of flooding in these areas. somewhat drier and feeling mild across central, southern, and eastern parts of England. Mild at first but turning colder by evening in most places High of 17C/63F​

Update on the severe weather and the Free 7-day Farmers Forecast go to
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CHAP Webinar - Innovative tools to overcome the challenges of Regen Ag

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Applying principles of regen ag can incur a range of on-farm challenges. Learn how innovative tools & machinery can help with these hurdles.

This event will be held online from 1pm to 2pm on Thursday 2nd December 2021 so please block it out in your diary.

About this event​