Farmers interaction with their vet in the South West


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Good Morning,

I am still looking for quite a few responses from farmers in the South West of England. I am looking at the interaction between sheep farmers and vets, and what the primary reasons are for using a vet and how the level of communication has changed, suggested strategies to improve this.

If you are solely a sheep farmer or a mixed farm with any enterprise and any size sheep flock, please could you take 5 minutes to fill out my questionnaire.

Many thanks in advance,



Why are you restricting your survey to the South West of England?

Sheep farmers and their relationship with vets is much the same throughout the UK.


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Because I am doing this for my undergraduate dissertation and there is never enough time to gather responses from such as wide data range


I did it there was no option for flock 100-200 so I rounded mine up. Wasn't sure if vet costs included medicines it didn't say. So I assumed it did and put in the vaccines eg toxovax etc

The Big Farming Survey deadline is fast approaching

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The 31 March deadline for responses to RABI’s Big Farming Survey is fast approaching and everyone linked to farming across England and Wales is being encouraged to take part.

“The support that we’ve received since the launch of The Big Farming Survey in January has been incredible. We’d like to thank everyone who has already completed the questionnaire or promoted the research project more widely,” says RABI’s Chief Executive, Alicia Chivers.

“However, the more comprehensive the data collected, the better the reflection on the daily realities of people from all sectors of agriculture and across all regions,” she adds. “We therefore want to hear from farmers, farm workers, contractors, spouses, adult-aged children and...