Farming forum internet trolls ???

Discussion in 'Community Feedback' started by MX7, Oct 22, 2018.

  1. MX7

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    I get the impression there is a TFF member who is an“Internet Troll,” who obviously for some reason dislikes landowners,farmers, farm managers etc,and dislikes modern agricultural practices.
    I will not post in reply to the individual as an “internet trolls” sole agenda is too antagononize people who engage with them. I have now pressed ignore button on his profile.
    If you engage with him you are playing straight in to his hands.Is that very sensible as one is just feeding them meanwhile they will just keep enraging you??
    The only way to stop them is press ignore button or do not engage with them.
    If one Google’s “Internet Troll meaning”, one will soon see that they are just time wasters.
  2. slim shiny

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    Thetford, norfolk
    I think there’s more than one :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
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  3. Lofty1984

    Lofty1984 Member

    Who is it then
  4. How could a stranger on the web possibly “enrage”you?
    Just enjoy the laugh(y)

  5. Beaucoup.
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  6. Ukjay

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    In the Mud
    For me, we are all trolls one way or another when writing on public forums - if one cares to look at our own interactions..

    The thing with differences of opinions is that if and when we disagree with the norm, the majority etc - we are often tarred with a negative plaque, face the drudge of the clique that sometimes forms on a forum.
    It's the internet of change - we all have opinions and each and every one may differ. Progress will never happen if we all agree on the face of things - but disagree in the background.

    Embrace the differences of opinions / cultural challenges - it will be a far more rewarding forum if we all do :)
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  7. Blaithin

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    Alberta, Canada
    Ooo who?

    I don’t pay enough attention for the most part to catch these things :ROFLMAO:
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  8. Macsky

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    Who’s getting enraged? I think it could be good exercise for building resilience, gives you a good chance to sharpen your arguments incase one jumps out from under a bridge in front of you one day!

    They are just making idiots of themselves and their arguments, and gives folk a chance to tear them to shreds for everyone to see!
  9. Just another barstewardisation of the English language , a troll used to be a grumpy bugger who just scares goats on a bridge :rolleyes:
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  10. MX7

    MX7 Member

    At least he might not of tried to spread hatred about farmers and agriculture.:sneaky:
  11. Their not trolls , there "Internet pansies"(y) Very closely related to hysterical US democrat supporters apparently :rolleyes:
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  12. dowcow

    dowcow Member

    Trolling, not to be confused with trawling, is a method of fishing where the baited lines are drawn through water. The internet troll thus gets this name as someone who puts up posts with the intention that he gets a large response for his little action. The ideal scenario for a troll is that his two minute post will generate 200 pages of replies and cause a huge argument and waste many hours of many peoples time.
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  13. MX7

    MX7 Member

    Sums up @Fallowfield .:banghead::banghead:
  14. watcher72

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    Perhaps Prince Charles is a 'troll before his time.

    Highlighting plastic waste long before it was a newsworthy story.

    Questioning someone's thinking can be perceived as trolling when trying to ascertain the facts.

    Employ a consultant and they will " troll" the depths of your business to get to the key facts, the internet is no different.

    Playing the "I am being trolled " when in a discussion just shout "me thinks they do protests too much" ie the truth is markably different to what has been posted!
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  15. MX7

    MX7 Member

    As you are more secretive of yourself than fallowfield, it makes me wonder, why are you a member of TFF

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