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Discussion in 'Agricultural Matters' started by jr4240, Mar 26, 2017.

  1. jr4240

    jr4240 New Member

    I'm new to YouTube and have just made a video just wondering what farming related videos people like to watch and who you recommend watching
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  3. Cowwilf

    Cowwilf Member

    I've been working my way through the Irish farmers journal dairy section recently. My dad is obsessed with YouTube he likes the funky farmer George Saunders and jwb farm services and many many more
  4. S00TY

    S00TY Member

    Deano 303 I think he's called is also worth a watch. George Saunders gets a vote from me too.
  5. Riley

    Riley Member

    I think the more popular farming videos involve talking like George Saunders deano 0303 makes it more interesting
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  6. kill

    kill Member

    South West
    Tom Pemberton Farm life are quite interesting videos. Very varied videos with some nice stock based ones but his machinery ones wouldn't make anyone envious!

    Cotland farmer has some nice videos as well.

    George Saunders is worth watching but can drone on abit but god can't he clear the biggest fish n chips supper I have ever seen as gives "beard meats food" a run for his money!!!!!!

    Lord Muck

    One lonely farmer is good.
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  7. haselor7

    haselor7 Member

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  8. E_B

    E_B Member

    I must admit I'm a bit sad and sometimes watch these. My favourite of all is Brian's Farming Videos, once you get past the Ohioan accents. Tom Pemberton is also good. Neither of them drone on lustfully about their machinery like some of them do.
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  9. Shutesy

    Shutesy Moderator

    The only 2 farming channels I watch. I know and see enough UK farming but these 2 from across the pond are just superb! What the Welkers have done with that International truck is fantastic, not to mention the Big Buds!
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  10. Lazy Eric

    Lazy Eric Member

    I like JWB farm services.. he’s a upbeat sort of guy who really enjoys what he does.. like listening to him.
    Lord muck quite good too.


    I'm a big fan of the Irish fella gerry6420 a lot of his videos are fantastic
  12. Ted M

    Ted M Member

    Have a look at James Pugh photography, No commentary but with a soundtrack. He's a young lad still at school, but very professional imo.
    Refreshing to see a youngster out enjoying the countryside and not glued to a computer screen.
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  13. All of you should be doing this on youtube to promote your industry and business.

    Don't hide the harsh realities. Tell it as it is, why you do what you, what goes wrong and what goes right. Either turn off comments on your videos or grow a thick skin, half the internet is ignorant or intolerant or has an agenda. Don't get into comment wars. If someone says something you particular don't like. Create a video mentioning them by name and address their points on it.
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  14. Scribus

    Scribus Member

    Central Atlantic
    Professionally produced video is an expensive exercise, but the difference between it and lads posting footage from their mobile ordash cam is immense. It's not only the image quality but the editing, production and story line that makes them stand out. There is one outfit, who shall remain nameless, who think they are Gods gift, but they seem to have little idea of how to present a quality viewing experience. Nothing wrong with lads putting stuff up as it falls from the camera, but I usually find better things to do with my time.
  15. Chae1

    Chae1 Member

    This young lads pretty good. Not much up yet.



    Stuart DuBois makes some excellent videos
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  17. AgriiMark

    AgriiMark Member

    My personal favourites are jonny1388 top lad and nice kit, talks through what his doing etc which is good for those wanting to know.
    Its a farming life for me, andy, watched his channel grow and does episodes basically of a week on the farm, again nice content.
    If you like the drone videos then charlie redvers is great for that
    And john at jwb is a good laugh to watch and oldschool
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  18. Lofty1984

    Lofty1984 Member

    Jonny1388 is bloody brilliant he has a cracking way of explaining things even though I already know what he’s doing/how he’s doing a job still a joy to watch him explain
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  19. AgriiMark

    AgriiMark Member

    Couldnt agree more. Doesnt give himself enough credit for what he does but thats also what else i like he isnt cocky or let the youtube fame go to his head.
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