February Parasite Forecast

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Parasite control planning
Chronic Fasciolosis
Lungworm vaccination in Cattle
PGE and Ectoparasite control in Sheep and Cattle

This month’s webinar focuses on Parasite control planning, Chronic Fasciolosis, Lungworm vaccination in cattle andd Parasitic gastroenteritis (PGE) and Ectoparasites in both cattle and sheep

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Report shows environment subsidies provide more stable income than direct payments

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Written by Charlotte Cunningham

Subsidies paid to farmers for protecting the environment lead to more stable incomes compared with payments based purely on the number of ha being farmed, according to a new study of farms in England and Wales. Charlotte Cunningham reports. The research, from Rothamsted Research, the University of Reading and Newcastle University, also shows that farmers shouldn’t put all their eggs in one basket, as those diversifying into a wider variety of crops or livestock receive more consistent year-to-year incomes – as do those who reduce their use of fertiliser and pesticides. Lead author and PhD student, Caroline Harkness said: “Farmers are facing increasing pressures due...