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  1. buffalo_soldier

    2012 Collinson plasteel coated here.
    Bin is still tidy.
    Only issue I had is the plastic boot weathered and failed relatively quickly.
    No help was offered even though they had re designed the boot due to this happening.
    The replacement has been fine.
  2. vantage

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    We have an EB,about 22t ,bought second hand when 2 years old.EB moved it when installing a new bin in the area and were paid by the hour which was not too bad as the bin only moved 7 miles. As discussed earlier the blow pipe bend wears out,we have done a partial repair once and then a new bend when the pipe wore through in a different place to the original repair.
    A friend of mine would probably not recomend a Hanco bin as his collapsed in a storm a year or so ago,the blow pipe which is also a bin leg gave way as it had worn away !
  3. upnortheast

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    As mentioned above, EB bins with internal blow pipe are a pain if the pipe gets a hole in, half way up
    Not a big job to replace with an external pipe
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  4. Dragon

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    As above Google V mac silo
  5. Martyn

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    South west
    have you got a VMax? if you have can i drop in?
  6. Martyn

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    South west
    While looking at bins and thinking long term, we will be useing home grown barley, oats, beans further down the line and one of the cheepest ways to feed will be through the parlour. Can you buy a blower to blow into a bin? i know iv seen converted grain trailers with pto blower on befor.
  7. The simplest way to get blend in to parlour feeders would be a Collinson tip store but you would really still need a regular bin along side for cake.
    Old blowers aren't expensive but they are slow .

    I think @happycows has one of these for his blend
  8. TomB

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  9. if your wanting the best of both worlds, this bin can be filled by a blower wagon from the feed mill,
    or if you want to mix your own and feed home grown, then the top opens, and can be filled with a loadall,

    keep it simple rigging up a blower to fill a bin can be a pain,
    and also home mixes can bridge in the bin, least with this one, you can open the top and get in to clean it out, and move lodged feed off the sides,

    other thing to consider is, if you have a shed that a feed wagon can tip into, you could tip bought in compound feed, mix with home grown and load it into the bin below, and there is a saving and cheaper per tonne for it being tipped by feed wagon, against getting it blown in to the bin,
    this only works if you have a shed to tip into though


    this bin will do both blown and tipped in feed
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  10. Dragon

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    No I don'the have a V mac. I have seen them about and look well made.
    For your other question a Colinson tipstor would work for you. Also V mac do a similar but much smaller version which @happycows has one.
  11. Mine only holds 1.5 tons of blend. Handy little bin. Have my blend bulk tipped then top it up every 2/3 days.
    Doubt it would be big enough to warrant trying too blow into it.

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  12. Martyn

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    South west
    Very smart dairy.

    My ownly concern is our grain storage is away from the dairy so will have to be brought in with trailer, guess we could put a big auger in trailer and move across trailer couple times a month, just want to make it easy as possible and simple.

    We will have a firm come in and roll and mix our own cereals. Then store as a blend until needed.m
  13. dinderleat

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