Feed trough is made from drain pipe

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    Plastic drain pipe has all the qualities needed for a trough for sheep or calves - flexible, very strong and the big advantage is the cost.

    You get this 160mm pipe in 3 metre lengths for less than £10/m, and remember that each metre provides double the troughing. Smaller diameters like 110mm make a trough that's a tad small.

    The ends are made using 2in thick planks, the profile cut out and the outside part screwed in place. The cut-out makes a purpose built stop to prevent the feed being pushed out, and it can be screwed in place by fitting it out of line with the stand part.

    Trevor McCullough told me that it was made more than 12 years ago, and it's been bashed about by both livestock and tractors, but the plastic just flexes back - something which the galvanised troughs don't do.

    The other advantage is weight - note the string for easy moving - which means they can be moved without effort.

    Mark the pipe carefully before cutting. A chalk line is one useful idea, or otherwise a good straight edge will do.

    A tough, low cost, long lasting feed trough made from standard plastic drain pipe

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  2. bobk

    bobk Member

    Did that 25 years ago , yellow gas pipe is best .
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  3. Paddington

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    Soggy Shropshire
    Use 112mm guttering for our hens.
  4. Spudie

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    Ards C.Down
    Funny their my troughs from about 25 years ago and still here
  5. milkloss

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    East Sussex
    Try pricing up 18 or 24 inch for a silage manger and it doesn’t look so cheap then! Unless of course it just appears on the verge somewhere and needs a home!
  6. manhill

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    Thought uv would make it brittle as it's meant to be normally buried.
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  7. Used blue water pipe years ago, think it was 10'' across and was good for sheep and cattle.
  8. Difficult to put in the back of a pickup though...:sneaky:
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  9. I've seen the blue barrels cut down into various shapes of feed & water troughs (y)
  10. Exfarmer

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    Bury St Edmunds
    On any big water scheme, there are dozens of off cuts and they are glad to see the back of them as they are the dreaded waste!
    We. Had no end when we had a new 14 inch main go through and they are very tough,great for all sorts of bridges etc.
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  12. goodevans

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    All shapes and sizes

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