Feeding apple pulp


We have been offered a weekly supply of pressed apple pulp.
What proportion of the nuts can it replace for fattening pigs to save on costs ?
Also, any benefit in feeding it to fattening lambs, they are indoors on adlib creep, will they eat some pulp to keep costs down ?


Livestock Farmer
Careful how long you store it for. Have heard stories of drunk cows when the apple pulp had started to ferment 😂
Grandad used too get pee'd up sows when they got into an empty fattener pen and the trough hadn’t been cleaned out properly. Sour milk, bread and apple mash. 🤢
Reckons they just used too go sleep in middle of pen, had too wait for it too wear off and then get them out.
Apple pomace is a fantastic source of fibre. Like sugar beet pulp and citrus pulp it is a great feed to increase palatability and intakes. incorporating it into an ad-lib finisher feed would give good digestible fibre (healthier rumen function) most likely drive intakes and drive performance. with cattle a couple. don't have to put a lot in, like 100kg in 1tn mix to see the benefits. that's my opinion anyway


Well if anybody wants some I have about 700kg in my yard right now, it would just about fit into an IBC with the top cut off.
Have similar each week that I am happy to get rid of.

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