Feeding chopped straw into AD plant

Discussion in 'Renewable Energy' started by Jim Pace, Sep 24, 2017.

  1. thesilentone

    thesilentone Member

    Would have made better animal feed with the roughage benefits :)
  2. Jim Pace

    Jim Pace Member

    Hi Will, most interesting do you know what proportion they were mixing it and the chop length on the straw. I presume the maize would have been fairly dry. We finished maize harvest over a week ago and the crop was coming in at between 35 and 37% DM with some fields a bit higher stilll. There is not going to be much effluent to break the straw down I fear. Might work with sugar beet perhaps. That said one of the contractors that we use who also cuts nearly 10,000 acres in Cambridgeshire says he's not got anything there yet as the dry matter content to still well below 30% and the cobs are not even yellow yet. They must be some very late maturing varieties, and the owners must have nerves of steel!! I hope they get their extra tonnage and are able to get there next crop in the ground in good order.
  3. Rob_AD

    Rob_AD Member

    Straw dung and straw bedded broilers work well in a digester, cant ever see me wanting to feed pure straw but am quite happy to take it in as dung. Been using it for the last 2 years without issue
  4. Jim Pace

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    Hi Rob are you in Wales by chance? A local dairy farmer told me last week that he was baling straw for a dairy or beef farmer in Wales and sending it down to him. He has bought a chopper baler that we looked at last year. His client is feeding chopped straw after it has been under the cows. As we do CO2 capture we can't feed in any animal wastes. When we were just running a chip, we used to use chicken litter with good success.

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