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Fendt/Massey GSM Controller for sale

Discussion in 'Precision Farming & GPS' started by ben.williams151, Oct 25, 2018.

  1. Northern farmer

    Is it really only compatible with Fendt from 2016 onwards? I thought it would work on older tractors too (with the new Novatel/Trimble gear), would possibly attract more potential buyers if so.
  2. I thought it was from 2012 onwards (when the new 700 series came out) as long as trimble/Novatel as you say.

    But someone else said it was only 2016 onwards (S4)
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  3. Spencer

    Spencer Member

    North West
    Might be because there’s been a lot of stolen GPS stuff being put up for sale recently..
  4. A very valid point - shame such a small few tarnish anything genuine for the rest of us.
  5. Southmec32

    Southmec32 Member

    Yeah vd03 only came out s4 on .
  6. Northern farmer

    But that does not prove the new system being incompatible with the older tractor. A pity if we end up calculating votes.
  7. VD03 steering controller (and VD02) can be used on older SCR machines, from around 2011/12 onwards, just require the correct adaption loom in the roof and some updates to the main EXT ECU in the tractor.
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  8. Southmec32

    Southmec32 Member

    The new system will work on any fendt with a touch screen thats steer ready but before s4 you would have to buy the vdo3 and loom and mounting bracket or modify origanal brackey to suit.
  9. What is the difference between vd03 and vd02. I thought I had a vd03 but it’s a vd02. Will the vd02 still work with Trimble reciever
  10. There is no steering controller in a VD02 - it has a SIM card slot, but its main "use" is for VarioDoc data transfer/job synchronisation using the GPRS data connection. The GPRS data connection in the VD02 cannot be used with NTRIP on say the Topcon AGI-4 receiver.

    VD03 has the Fendt "in-house" steering controller and gyro built into it. VD02 and VD03 look practically identical from the outside.

    You need a VD03 to fit a Trimble or NovAtel receiver for integrated steering. These can be retrofitted from 2011/12+ era steer-ready (Profi Plus) machines
  11. Glad I asked before buying a cheap reciever. I fancy the extra features the Trimble gives over the topcon
  12. It’s the updates and features they can’t/won’t implement now on AGI-4 based machines is getting frustrating with each new release. The only option is to move to the new setup.
  13. Exactly. I assume there is another update out with missing features. Haven’t seen any notes if there is. I can get a receiver for ok cost I think but would have to price the vd03 and any different harnesses.
  14. Just bought a Trimble receiver stateside, waiting for it to get through customs....I also bought Bens VD03 from him.
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  15. Finally got the receiver out of customs, after a clear month in transit! The absolutely clueless precision dealer in the states hadn’t filled in any export documentation, just bunged the receiver
    in a box with a wisp of bubble wrap. twits! :facepalm::banghead:

    They also just sent it US post so no fast tracking through customs like you get with FedEx or DHL. Of course UK customs just sat on it for a few weeks and eventually sent me a C160 to complete. Total, utter clueless numpties the yanks are sometimes, not a flipping clue about anything. At least the bugger was cheap. Now just got to see if it works with the controller!! :ROFLMAO:

    Last edited: Nov 24, 2018
  16. I’ll be interested to see how you get on with this. What accuracy will you be running.

    I guess the tractor will need an end of line update to tell it there is now a Trimble receiver.

    On another note is there another update out. Do you know what if anything is different
  17. Yes will be making a booking with the dealer to get an update organised, so will enquire what the state of play is. They usually have their second annual release/update available to dealers in early/mid December.

    Will also need to get some unlocks sorted. Would like to get it to cm/RTK same as the AGI unit.

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