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Hi my name is Colin and I'm 43 years old and run my own small building company (bricklayer by trade) and have been ferreting etc for nearly 30 years. I'm from Derbyshire and am looking for additional ferreting permission as I work hard through the summer and put a lot of time into rabbiting through the winter months.

I currently have pest control permission at a couple of golf courses, stables and a few farms, a few of these places have been affected by RHD/myxomatosis so numbers have dropped this year which is why I am looking for additional permission.

I am fully insured through SACS and references/phone numbers of a couple of farmers can be provided if you require them.

I also do a lot of rat/pigeon/vermin control but I wouldn't let a complete stranger on my land shooting unless I had known them for a while which is why I have not asked for shooting permission.

In return for permission as a thank you I am offering the odd Saturday or Sunday working or helping you out on any building work or as an extra pair of hands on your farm as I know how hard it is to get decent hardworkers as I do 12hr shifts myself. I can also bring one of my apprentices for free if needs be or I also own a couple of new fully furnished holiday homes on the South Coast which as a thank you, you would be more than welcome to stay in one for a few days or a long weekend.

I am willing to travel approx 60 miles each way or further for the right permission.
If you need any further info or are interested please contact me.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post as I appreciate you must get bored of reading posts regarding permission wanted but I am also not one of those idiots who turn up once for a few hours and are never seen again.



Sorry not got back before. We're in Derbyshire are you from ? Got some land near tibshelf mix of grassland and arable about 80ac


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Hi Ashman. Thanks for your reply am 20 mins away from Tibshelf I'm in Derby. I would be more than happy to give you a call if you give me your number or i can give you mine (by personal message) or meet you whichever is more convenient for you. Hope to hear from you soon

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