Fertiliser crisis and suckled calf sales


You will probably be quite surprised at the amount of grass which grows without bagged fert - it will be a bit slower to get going in the spring though
Yes, I have not bought any fertiliser for 3 years, not been short of grass yet. When you add up input costs and look at the output value these days I cannot see the sense in using fertiliser. As somebody else said it's only been around for 50 odd years, just a small blip on the time span of farming.


Just getting a feeling that the cost of inputs is going to take the heat out sales this autumn.Anyone seen any sold yet,asking for a friend.
Dream on, sucklerbred inspec cattle are making fortunes fat . Dairy x things , especially weanlings are probably on the slide abit but with tons of cheap fodder about it would be worth stuffing them with that than buying cake or ferting grass.
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Suckled calves have been a good trade in J36 today, a real mixture of quality, small plain sorts 4-6 month old £500-700, plenty in the next bracket decent sort of calves 7-8 months old £800-900, best sorts 7-10 month old £1000-£1150,
then some good stores 18 month old £1060.

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Haven't put fertiliser on grass for over 10 years. It seems like a mug's game in hindsight, just another expense and just another job which you can manage without.

The grass keeps growing and doesn't stop suddenly like when the fert runs out. It does help if you can get some clover going, but even without, the soil will fix a certain amount of N.

There's tonnes of n2 gas above every hectare.

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