Fertiliser on dry grassland

Moors Lad

N Yorks
Bit late putting fert. on to land we want to cut for haylage. The land is obviously getting drier as time passes - is it a waste of time/fert. putting it on until there`s prospect of rain? Does it just sit there or will it actually just turn to "gas" and be lost? TIA


N Devon
Something like Nitram will be gone in with a slight dew.A good compound would be ok too.Course blended fertiliser or Urea would sit there or turn to gas.


Was thinking about this when it was first cold and dry - grass takes up around 2.5kgN/ha per day, so 10 days cold and dry probably means there is a case for reducing a first application onto grassland. Save the fert and save risking too high N in silage come end of May?


Livestock Farmer
Had the same problem last year with similar weather. I put nitrogen fertiliser on some silage fields end of April until I’d used up what I had then didn’t order more until the rain came in June when I applied some to the remaining fields. It was quite obvious which fields had the fertiliser in the spring when we came to cut


Im a dreadful tractor diver at the best of times (let alone in the middle of lambing when I’m tired) I struggle to judge 24m! Some might have got double and some might have got half! 😂
The Nitrogen I used this year wouldn't get anywhere near 24m, it's like sugar and doesn't go far at all, I had stripes right across the field.

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