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Discussion in 'Cropping' started by TFF, Feb 14, 2013.

  1. pine_guy

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    North Cumbria
    My post was a little tongue in cheek. Always realise that little quantities/convenience demand a premium, but it was more than I thought it would.

    Lifted half a dozen bulk bags off a lorry for a small holder neighbour while they were at work a couple of years back, paperwork had a card receipt stapled to it, so new what it cost them, that was nearly a 3 figure premium over my artic load, so shouldn’t have been surprised.

    Never done any business with you Dave, but you are just up the road, so should have a look in one day (y)......

    ......... but not for small bag fert :D
  2. Dave

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    Lake District
    Its OK, if I wasn't selling such I'd make the same conclusions, yes get in touch, or let me know who you are, we haven't got past TFF PM's!

    By way of comparison to the small bag Fert,



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  3. Chae1

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    Did fert drop £150/t when we moved to 500/600kg bags?
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  4. Iben

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    Probably about 1/10th of that as I recall.
  5. crazy_bull

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    Doubt it else it would have been for free :p

    £150/t surcharge for farting about with 50kg here 100kg there vs multiples of 15-26t sounds like a good deal to me.

    C B
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  6. So to put 40 kg sulphate on 22kg per ha needed giving a small amount of n

    Is all the sulphur in elementle form so takes time to be available
    How is the urea bound in is some ammonium sulphate and some elementle this is not clear on the information

    At 395
    the urea at urea price of 300 is worth. 71 the sulphur costs 17.28 a kg of sulphate which is competitive
    The advantage of lower sulphur concentrations is one less application if you still do 3 applications of n
    But some are pushing for a little n more often for higher yields
  7. Chae1

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    It's nearer £200/t 10.20.24 12.5s was £330/t.

    Good for them though if they can charge that.

    Perhaps I should invest in a bagging plant. Know another member on here marketing it in even smaller quantities.
  8. neilo

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    I suspect they may have been having their leg lifted too. I get a mixed part load of bits & bobs most years, usually from Wynnstay. Deliveries of sub 10t would usually have about a £10/t premium, over that is surprisingly close to artic price, usually less than a fiver difference.
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  9. 3legs

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    We are struggling to get hold of Potato Fertiliser, been told they have stopped making what we had.

    Would like a compound 14-14-21 or similar.

    Any help would be great.

  10. An Gof

    An Gof Member

    Have you tried Yara? Last list i had from them was dated October and it was available then.
    If not I'm sure any of the blenders can make it up for you.
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  11. 3legs

    3legs Member

    Hi, I will try tomorrow but don't think we have a dealer for Yara on the Isle of Man. would prefer compound.
  12. An Gof

    An Gof Member

    Can you get it from the mainland?
    Guess stuff must make it across on wagons. Friend of mine is out there regularly for Lloyds feeds.
  13. Dave

    Dave Member

    Lake District
    How much are you after? I dont know a haulier that goes to the isle of man, do you know any trucks that could maybe transport it?
  14. 3legs

    3legs Member

    Depending where it’s coming from getting a flat here is no problem, just expensive.
    Need 10 ton of potato fert, could make a flat up with 15-15-15.
  15. Dave

    Dave Member

    Lake District
    PM sent
  16. fertacloud

    fertacloud New Member

    Good question. It is 100% elemental S, but the innovation of the Shell thiogro tech with the sulphur evenly dispersed in urea is that the product starts converting to plant available with in days. Our trials in canada this year showed higher tissue test results (and similar to higher yields) at same application timing and rate than Ammonium sulphate. The point of this is you can apply like you would ammonium sulphate from a timing perspective, but with all the benefits of it being it 100% elemental.



    Northern Nutrients
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  17. if it is elemental s what makes it available quicker
  18. fertacloud

    fertacloud New Member

    a)Smaller sulfur particle size , and because the sulphur is suspended in urea instead of bentonite the granule breaks down much quicker exposing the Sulphur particles to the soil.
    Also surface area of the sulfur particles suspended in urea plays a factor in conversion speed.
    Northern Nutrients
  19. Renaultman

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    Can't be that hard Seaborne Freight can do it.
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  20. With bentonite we apply it in the autumn
    I would be interested in seeing the trials results with yield datac

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