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We usually farm save most of our seed and just buy a couple of tons of new seed every now and then if we want a different variety. This year we got 10 days of rain in August which caused some sprouting in two of my varieties and buggered the germination so have had to source seed last minute!
Still managed to save from one of our varieties so not stuck but a bit gutted I can’t get hold of any Lili as it’s been a consistent performer here for the past few years. Got some Gleam and Siskin to try so see how they go.

Used Quantils for quite a few bits and pieces and found them great to deal with, plus I can nip and pick it up from them which is a bonus when you’re half a ton short to finish a field 🤦🏻‍♂️
I do similar, buy Grafton and an other to save for FSS the following season.

le bon paysan

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Limousin, France
Unless the Russians come up with the goods , it's going to be a long winter

What happened to all the uk gas storage?!
What happened to all the uk gas storage?!
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It’s the just in time buisness model, storage and stock comes at a cost. works well when it works but it only takes a bit of a hiccup for it to turn into a major problem. The cost of storage and stock should be looked at as an insurance against such hiccups but it seems not many buisnesses want to do that nowadays

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What is the opinion that if these prices stay as strong as they are and around the world that usage will go down significant and crop yealds also then the balancing act of crop prices going up with shortages and do we buy some fert to apply to take advantage of higher crop prices ,who has a crystal ball ! Ore the opposite prices fall for crop, it's up in the air at the moment.

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