Fertilizer spreader for amonium sulphate


Arable Farmer
Scottish Borders
Small ‘bi product’ AS doesn’t spread through a spinning disc spreader, it’s like throwing a feather.
It can go through a Kuhn Aero boom spreader if it’s dry, but if it’s damp like sticky sugar or there is moisture in the air then it will block. It’s also hygroscopic which means it absorbs moisture from the atmosphere, so if it’s not damp when it arrives it will be by the time it’s spread. Been there, spent days sitting on the booms poking the stuff through the venturis, a dumb way to die if you get it wrong.


Mixed Farmer
I used the stuff for 2 or 3 years at least 15 years ago. It was when I first had somebody in to tray test. Using a krm machine it was a trial to get it to spread. In the end I bought a set of 36m vanes to get a decent pattern, I think I was probably still on 20m then. I think I still have the vanes somewhere.

My advice is don’t use the stuff, if you do tray test it and only spread on a completely still day. Or Chuck it in a tank and make liquid



I used yo have an old 5 toncouncil gritter on a flat trailer. It had the grids over top so lumps ran off.
We reversed up to the conveyor with wagtail and filled it using hoses to spool valves on spreader tractor.
It worked well on first dressings


Arable Farmer
Lorette Manitoba
Use it here on a long term maintance of sulphur. I put mine thru a Val mar boom spreader. It has twin hoppers with the smaller front one used for micro granules/ small seeds and tiger 90 which is elemental sulphur. Works very good and never hard to meter out


Bury St Edmunds
If it is a small amount I would be tempted to dissolve it and spray it on . Trying to get that spread will be difficult to say the least. I believe it will dissolve quite easily, but what rate I cannot remember. I have used ready made solution in the past as it helps prevent capping

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