Field Gates


Mixed Farmer
Whats farmers thoughts on Bateson field gates?

We have used IAE in the past, yet are local supply as offered Bateson.


Chepstow, Wales
Bateman gates are lighter made than Ritchie gates for sure, probably as light or at least on par with IAE, very shiny too but should still do the job they are made to do. Wouldn't want them to receive too much grief from cattle though....


Livestock Farmer
I find they’re similar to IAE, but they don’t supply the spring bolt with a washer, just a longer roll pin. It’s a case of get what you can, I can’t see it getting any better with another round of grants starting.


NE Derbyshire
50 odd years old. Steam pipe. Don't make em like they used to. Hardly lift it.


Sir Gar / Carms
Bateman build quality used to be superior to IAE, but they are all crap now, only using the very barest minimum amount of steel needed to support the galvanising.
In fact IAE are now the better of the two ime.
From what I've seen IAE were certainly better than Bateman in the recent past, but they - IAE - have really become erratic over the last couple of years, so I can't say how they compare now. I have bought a fair bit of IAE kit recently, but I've chosen it on inspection, ensuring the welding and galv' is up to standard.

I have also had a fair amount of stuff made and sent for galv'ing by a local firm, all spot on. (y)


Arable Farmer
Yes I believe so.

I have a couple of old ones Christ they are heavy gates at 16ft
Do you know who sells such gates, we had some installed here when we had a road go through the place, I need a pair but am not sure where to get them from. All the stuff I see is utter junk and they dont seem to last 5 minutes


Arable Farmer
So talk me through field gates, it would be interesting to price up the material plus galv cost to see what would be left. Perhaps a premium gate built to last may have a small market? When I see a bent gate the welds on the intermediate uprights are often broken off the bars, better to have the bars going through holes in a flat bar? Already do quite a bit of fab work. Galvanising going up 9.5% in the new year….

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