Final chance for post-em herbicides in wheat


Written by Charlotte Cunningham

Growers should prioritise weed control in wheat to compensate for large losses in the autumn, according to the latest advice from Bayer. Charlotte Cunningham reports. Field conditions are improving in many parts of the country with longer, warmer days giving opportunities to travel in the crop. Weed control in wheat is a high priority because large areas of wheat were lost during autumn so it is vital to maximise the potential of what is left. Bayer’s Ben Coombs shares his top tips for wheat weed control in this unusual season: 1.Stay focused on reducing seed return. Experience shows that stubborn grass weeds such as blackgrass and ryegrass can take advantage in difficult conditions. Use all tools available to reduce seed return so that effects of this season don’t carry over into future seasons with a greatly increased seedbank. The first tool to control seed return is a post-emergence herbicide followed by patch management and hand-roguing later in the year. 2. Maximise wheat yield. The challenging nature of autumn 2019 meant that many wheat crops never got drilled. This makes it even more important to maximise the output of those which did make it in. A 2016 AHDB report indicated that…
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Ryegrass controls stack up

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Learning from the successes of growers’ black-grass control programmes gives a raft of integrated cultural and herbicide strategies that can also be used to hit back at increasing ryegrass populations, advises Syngenta Technical Manager, Georgina Wood.

“Key to that success is stacking up as many of those options as is practically possible in a farm situation.”

  • Delay drilling
  • Adapt cultivations
  • Increase spring cropping
  • Grow competitive crops
  • Prioritise pre-emergence applications
  • Stack pre-em herbicides
  • Optimise treatment timing and...