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I don't see any adverts. Seriously. The only thing I see is a box on the right from Agriland describing a story about fire fighters. If I have ever paid any money on or for a forum I don't recall doing so.

If it becomes a decision between paying a subscription or not using a service, that is up to users to decide on the value proposition I can't speak for everyone in that regard.
well i thank you for you contribution to a service you use daily and clearly value

if everyone did the same this site would simply disappear, fortunately most are not as selfish or paranoid and appreciate that nothing is life is truly for free

i guess there are people that are prepared to just take and never give back but it’s not how i set out to live my life
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Not effective though. All online companies operate carefully crafted highly wordy legalese "consent" systems that few ever understand so mist just tick the box. That's NOT informed consent.

Those companies also never divulge how they monetise our data.

I will happily pay a subscription for access instead to those things I value.

I'm constantly teetering on the edge of closing my FB account for this very reason.

I fully accept the adverts on here pay for the service but, should you offer it, would subscribe instead.
I suspect the details of what is being consented to is written in fine print in the box or terms and conditions or what have you, but like you say virtually no details will be given on how data is used, who actually owns it or what you have consented to. Of course, a good portion of that may well be considered commercially sensitive so well out of the public domain anyway.

I believe people are not very aware of just how they are contributing to the pockets of big companies. My phone, for example, knows exactly where I have been in my car for years. It even begins to try and guess where I actually 'work' and what time I might expect to arrive there. This information is thus very valuable. An organisation wishes to know how many people travelled on the A361 today between 0600 and 1700 hours. Google can tell you and it can tell you what their average speed was across the bulk of it, throw in the rates of acceleration and deceleration and an AI could tell you what kind of vehicle they were probably in. Total up your journeys and it knows how worn out your car is likely to be or how much you spend on fuel a month, even the way you drive and what kind of journeys. And this is happening 24/7 whilst companies need to nothing but sit on their hands and pay to upkeep their hardware and storage.


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we can actuality press a switch and ban any user with an ad blocker, not many are that paranoid or selfish though fortunately

maybe we should ! press that button ?


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Second demonstration planned as controversial Agricultural Bill is finalised

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Written by William Kellett

A campaign group for farmers is planning a second protest in Parliament Square in Westminster in response to the return of the controversial Agricultural Bill in the House of Commons.

The group Save British Farming (SBF) is planning to hold a second demonstration against the bill which they believe will lead to the introduction of lower food standards.

A “socially distanced” tractor demonstration is planned to take place next Monday (September 28).

The protest centers around the proposed introduction of free trade with countries like the US and they believe this will lead to ‘the opening of floodgates to lower-regulated food’.

A demonstration by SBF had...