Flashing beacons


Them rear facing flashing trailer are not dazzling in the slightest.....

..... Provided the motor behind isn't so close up your erse it hasn't a hope in hell of seeing past for a safe overtake
You live in a different type of area. We are in semi built up area so quite often cars will be travelling relatively closely behind due to traffic density and speed.


Flashing lights are over used big time in UK nowadays, they're is no need for them on majority of roadwork they should be used sparingly and when there is a hazard (wide load ect) never used to be like this, everywhere you go there's kids with twin lights goin
All it does is desensitise the traffic to when there is a real hazzard !!
With careful use of a little bit of black insulation tape you can tone down the brightness of rear facing LED beacons.

They have a really small area of concentrated light and I just put a little square of tape about the size of a postage stamp over that bit. As long as it’s not too big there is plenty of intensity in the light and the pattern thrown by the lens to be good enough to warn other road users.

I never have them at low level either, always high up so that in the dark the pattern of light can show the shape of the rear of the machine.

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The work lights one really gets me, are they not illegal to use on the road?
Mind no worse than led headlights
There was a copper around here a few years ago who loved giving tickets out for using front and back work lights on the road . One lad argued that the front ones were legal . But unfortunatly he was driving a Deere and as the copper said the tractor puts a warning on the dash when you get over a certain speed to switch them off


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You live in a different type of area. We are in semi built up area so quite often cars will be travelling relatively closely behind due to traffic density and speed.
True aye 👍

Mind I did used to live and work as a test driver down there among all you overcrowded impatient folks

Hellish if you can no longer use wee tricks like a flashing beacon to keep the buggers far enough back that they've got time to think about stopping or passing safely. Shame we've still to think for the poor souls that can't do it for themselves

I guess everyone drives like lemmings now?
Flashing lights should be on any sub 25 mph tractor.

The rear Flashing trailer lights should be up high really, if they are even needed


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Surely they should only be used to warn oncoming traffic of a potential hazard? Hedgecutting on a road side would be an ideal scenario, or in limited visibility conditions.

You sure as hell don't need them on when barrelling down a dual carriageway at 50 km/hr.
50 km/h is still only 31mph and not all tractors would be capable of reaching that speed. When you consider that the majority of other road users on a dual carriageway are likely to be travelling at, or in excess of 70mph, it won't take long for them to be upon that tractor (or any other vehicle of an equivalent speed). There's definite safety benefits to other motorists if a tractor has the ambers on, on a dual carriageway, such as prompting others to anticipate, reduce their speed or get in the outside lane.


indicators and brake lights tell other road users that you are turning off and slowing down all those flashing lights do is blind people so they can't see the other lights
I’m not going to argue back and forth I agree the low level ones are a bloody nightmare I followed a smyth low loader in the dark with factory fitted strobes on the rear you couldn’t tell the difference between them and indicators and were blinding, they should be high level or not at all.
I’ll keep driving with my beacons on when on the road anything to make me more visible is fine by me I’ve done all I can if some knob drives into me


Worst lights I've ever seen are on ambulances this past few years fitted with blue led's. In the dark they are seriously dazzling, normally end up seeing blue spots for a few mins after. Not safe imo. Should have a dimmer night setting
Did you really just write that? An ambulance that travels above the speed limit at all times of night and day. An ambulance that every second counts, an ambulance that needs every car to move over…..

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