Fleck Vs Monty.

Used Montys for 10 years no real attitude problem in parlour, strong mothering instinct tend not to turn my back on them when tagging or feeding calf, but other than that fine. Having said that I have always used bulls with a good temperament figure, because people kept telling me they were a problem. Suit my simple system well as part of a 3 way cross.
Just interested what are the main difference between the fleck and the monty? What cow would give higher solids? Anyone got both and what is the best? Thanks.
Got both here, montys can be very mardy and definitely have an attitude, the fleckviehs are quieter but still not as quiet as any black and white but don’t seem as milky though, well not for the first couple of lactations anyway


Livestock Farmer
Monty crosses here for 8 years now love them find them to have no attitude problems great big deep cows that will produce well for us anyway solids have risen a lot since we started and replacement rate down while litres have risen also.
Crossing them onto a Holstein all the same don’t know what a pure one would be like never had any flecks to compare

Wee Willy

I have fleckvieh here crossed with Holstein. German ones are rubbish. Big cows with no milk.
Austrian ones are good. Dairy cows with milk.
Both have great temperament and very fertile. A German got incalf at 18 days last year.


Got both crosses here. Our Fleckviehs are milky, carry more weight, and are big dopes, but are rougher bagged.
Montys are more correct, better skinned, headstrong, feisty and possibly not as milky as the Fleckvieh (but I think they'll last longer).
Both good on their feet, which is probably the most important thing.


Livestock Farmer
M6 Hard shoulder
Got both here, fleck fertility is better IMHO.
Bunch of 17 ic heifers from the fatherland June 20, all calved down trouble free, av 8270l on first lactation, nearly all running a predicted ci of 375 or less.
They are robot mad for corn but I do feel the udder conformation will let them down as time goes by.
Montys definitely more feisty.
Just interested what are the main difference between the fleck and the monty? What cow would give higher solids? Anyone got both and what is the best? Thanks.

Got lots of fleck x and several monty x.

Montbeliard on the whole is a much more dairylike animal. More litres but not the strength of fleck x and I don’t know about solids but I’m done chasing litres. I can get what litres I wish (9000l) from the fleckvieh x.


North Cumbria
So what fleck semen are people using. Half our herd will be half fleck X to a broad range of B&W cows. No idea of the fleck genetics other than they where bought ofof uksiresdirect. We used 50 straws of haribo in the summer, start serving again in Jan. Herdsman wants to use some more haribo, which makes sense in keeping the breeding simple. Just wondering what other proven bulls people have used.

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