Fletcher Hybrid winter Barley


Arable Farmer
Anyone grown this variety this year ?

It did well in 2014 in trials but i cant see anything for 2015 / 2016.

How did it yield this year ?

Joe Boy

It looked great all year but yield was slightly lower yield than I was hoping for.

60ha has averaged roughly 7.5/tha which is similar to Tower and Glacier. All varieties had same inputs including170kg/ha N.

Yield variation field to field was greater than variations between varieties so I cannot say it defiantly yields any more or less.

What is interesting is that it achieved 59 specific weight whereas Tower 57.7 and Glaicer 56.3.

The Fletcher was direct drilled with Claydon and the conventional was ploughed and combination drilled due to blackgrass. Maybe the wide rows helped with the grain size.

It stayed much greener than conventional barley during the winter and was two weeks quicker to grow away in the spring, this allowed it to dominate the blackgrass really well.

This year im going to direct drill all my barley and it's all Fletcher.

Al R

Livestock Farmer
West Wales
Grew 110ac, it suffered a bit from salt damage but survived better than neighbours WW and WB which was ripped up.
Stood 125cm high at grain fill, stood better than expected and yielded 3.5t/ac (weighbridge) and 2t/ac in straw. Bushel of 68-69kg/hl.
Never grown WB before but may well keep growing it were that impressed by it!

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