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Just bought a fourtrak as a project, the underside is fairly bad but very salvageable. I’m new to forums, I can’t wait to get stuck into it. Does anyone know where to get sills extra, any tips would be appreciated

I've replaced sills on a few of these, but used 4” x 2” box section makes a tidier job than you would imagine and gives you some decent metal to work away from.


Of their time mind. You say they pulled well and for their time they maybe did compared to a landrover but i replaced my foutrak with a 3.0 hilux and the difference was night and day. Ok hilux technically doesn't tow as much but on a particular hill to test stuff on round here the hilux with 2.5 ton behind is as fast as the fourtrak by itself. Times move on and a shame that Toyota buying daihatsu saw the end of the fourtrak and not a major step forward and improvement of them.
I was talking about pulling well for circa 1990. Not comparable to anything of the last 10 or 15 years


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I thought they were woeful heaps of junk, my dad had 2 and they were both gutless, more comfortable than a lsndrover though. I just got a pajero of the same vintage for a lambing car, now that is a cracking motor much better than the dihatsu and loads more grunt and better off road, shame we never got one when they were younger instead of the dihatsu

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