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Al R

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West Wales
While walking the dogs I often pick up sheep poo to see the activity inside but I have no idea what they are inside.
I know 3 new species of Dung beetles were found here in circa 2006.

Found loads of these critters this evening but no idea what they are?
There is a small spider/mite looking thing on this one below.

Then this one you can see the white clover seeds the sheep have eaten and are re populating the fields with.

No obvious dung beetles in this field but the burrowing through the faeces shows they’ve been through, found 9 big ones in a faeces the size of an egg the other day though


Likely a rose chafer - their larvae feed in rotting organic matter unlike those bustard Welsh (not confined to Wales) and Garden chafers that devour grass roots. You often find rose chafer grubs in garden compost bins, adults too a very pretty beetle.

Seeing quite a lot of chafer grubs when lifting spuds - unusual. No remedy.

Edit - second thoughts - dung beetle larvae similar, I should spend more time looking at dung and less at spuds:
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