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what are the main maintenance tasks / adjustment that need to be done to a forage harvester to ensure efficient cutting and transporting of material to the trailer


Self propelled? Trailed? Brand? .... all foragers need sharpening regular and the shearbar adjusting after sharpening but after that all maintenance tasks are forager specific really......

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SRUC tops UK list for SME consulting income

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Written by John Swire

Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC) provides more business value to SMEs than any other higher education institution in the UK.

This is according to a new study by Universities UK that found – over a four-year period – that SRUC generated more than £57.5 million of income through its consultancy and Veterinary Services.

SRUC was ranked above the University of Liverpool (£54m) and the Royal Veterinary College (£31.5m), with the University of Edinburgh (£16.5m) and the University of St Andrews (£12.5m) the only two other Scottish entries in the top ten.

In terms of the UK, Scotland finished above the North West (£83.5m) and London (£76.1m), with SRUC responsible for...