Ford 4000 major problem


North Antrim
Our Ford 4000 has mixed the contents of the radiator with the engine oil, after draining the sump you can now pour water into the radiator and it's runs straight out the sump at a decent flow. We think one of the cylinders may have failed, do any members have experience of this situation?

MF 168

Laois, Ireland
Pull the head off first. I'm no Ford expert but I think there's a core plug goes in the head that will let coolant in the way your experiencing. Might well be Ford's Swiss cheese block to but I'd check the head first.


Unfortunately block ..............

But just take the rocker cover off, I think they're might be core plugs between oil and coolant just beside the valve springs.
No harm to be a bit optimistic .............
You could try Burton of the Maze for an engine click

Click for O'Hara breakers

Your looking for a crisscross block not a smooth sided block, probably out of a 4600
aren't you jumping the gun Mursal?? I have just remembered a local dexta that had same problem which was caused by the front cover corroding through behind the water pump, it could be a number of reasons. the tractor is well over 40 years old so it is a long time for porous block to appear to cause problem but then it might be, could it be head gasket? if the engine is buggered be careful going down the reconditioned route as I know of 2 who done this and there were problems with both engines


Yes jumped the gun a tad alright, sorry about that.

Well worth checking and double checking the cause first ...........

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