Ford 4600 2wd to 4wd conversion?

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  1. If you can get someone breaking a 4wd 46 or 4610 and get all the parts out of the same tractor all you need to do is put it together and the gearing will be right for 13.6 x 36 rear and 11.2 x 24 front.
    If not and you buy bits from different tractors you might need to put different tyre combinations on to get gearing right cos as boohoo says there is different ratio axles and drop boxes.
    Whoever said about ford axles wearing the castings must have been feared of the grease gun! Ford never made axles they were carraro axles which were fitted to more than just fords.
    Get the bits and get her converted!
    What cab's on her?
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  2. Thanks I'll have a look what's about. It's dad's tractor though and he isn't as keen as I am but if I find the parts I'm sure he could be persuaded :whistle:
    I don't know what the type of is called but I'll take some pictures tomorrow. I got her running today after a while standing with no battery :oops:
  3. multi power

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    690 has different gearing to 675
  4. This is my one i converted now with the standard wheels. 20190109_120740.jpg
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    I’m not to sure of the situation with Fords, but with the MFs, when you replace the wafer box with the transfer box, you must make sure you have the shorter drive shaft that fits between the transfer box and the dif, than the longer one that went from the gearbox, through the wafer box, then to the dif.
    This didn’t come with the kit I used on my 675. So I had to buy a new one. It turned out to be the same one as used on a 135, which doesn’t have a wafer box.
    It cost more than I paid for the rest of the kit!
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    North Yorkshire
    Biggest machinery related regret I have is selling our 2wd ford 7610, I should have converted it to 4wd and kept it.
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    @hendrebc would any parts off ford diggers fit? Were they not 3cyl tractor based?
  8. I had a 7610 pedal tractor when I was a kid. Was gutted when dad bought a ford 6610 with a loader when I was about 10. The same but not quite :unsure: yet to drive one but I WILL one day even if it means buying one and doing it up a bit (y)
    I also had a case 5140 pedal tractor but I've driven one of those and it tried to kill me on a really steep hill and it ran away jumping out of year (n)
    Maybe it's best not to get a 7610 I'm case it turns out to be a big letdown as well :rolleyes:
  9. Possibly. I think an old ford 550 digger on a farm I used to help on was based on a 5600 but I might be wrong. It's what my then boss told me but doesn't mean he was right :rolleyes:
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    Some were 3 and some 4 doesn't seem to be a reason same with the 500 judging by the skid units. Don't know if it was dependent on the transmission as a lot were torque converter.
    Don't think the front axles would-be any good as they were Schindler and parts are rare
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  11. Saw this for sale on facebook a couple of months ago, and thought i wouldnt mind it, the guy was only asking £6 or £6.5k for it, and before i could contact him it sold, i was gutted !

    Gwynedd farm machinery broke one up last year, or the year before, but broke the tractor into singular components ( castings, gears etc) so buying the front axle, front bolster, prop and drop box was not an option. :(
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