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  1. I love 7810s and we had one on farm when I was young, a blue silver jubilee but uncle sold it grrr .But this not my question. I always thought 7810s had 30k box but seen advert now on 2 occasions saying 40k box . Not sure if true as someone said later model 1991 had 40k box but if someone fitted 40k box themselves. Just unsure if it's all a blue elephant. Cheers .
  2. powerontheland

    Hockley Essex
    Possibly imports?
  3. No idea, saw one few year back on eBay with 40k box and other day of one that been sold saying had 40k in it but tried do bit of research and someone said the last few had option of 30, 35 or 40k box before the 10 series was phased out to 40 series. Just wondering if anyone on here has one or more info.
  4. powerontheland

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    plenty were opened out to do 40k!
  5. Oh right by playing with fuel pump?
  6. powerontheland

    Hockley Essex
    opened out to 2600 rpm + yes
  7. Wow poor girl at them revs. I'm used to 1700 in Fendt at 55k. Rather be a standard 40k box rather than screaming her out to get the speed.
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    It seems from the adverts that the 7810 3 had 40k
    But others will know more .........
  9. Yes we had a silver jubilee 7810 but in blue as uncle didn't want it silver at the time but sold it when I was around 13. Loved the tractor and want one back on farm one day .But think ours was a 1989 series 3 if I correct but that had 30k. But heard 1991 had the 40k option.
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    we had a h reg 7610 series 3, brand new and there was never an option of 40k.
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    Was a H the last of them?
  12. Farm near me had a J plate 7810. Was mint as was the rest of their equipment... Their main tractor and swapped every 3 year.

    Farmer Died it all went to Auction.. 7810 went to a contractor... last seen with no glass on the cab other than the front screen and absolutely hanging.
  13. Think j was last of them
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  14. If it wasn't 1991 then I don't think would have the option as 1991 had 30,35,40k options from research so far.
  15. Poor thing .7810 was best tractor ford made.
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    I've never seen a 40k 7810, however all the ones I drove were quite fast, 22mph
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  17. BobGreen

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    All depends on tyre size and what revs engine would get up to
    Most 76 and 78 would do above 20mph and as 40k is only 25mph doesn’t take much to achieve

    Did know of someone who changed diff in a 82 to get more speed as they were slow

    Most county’s easily did that speed as standard as well
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    I have seen all kinds of tractor speed claims - usually when the tractor is on slightly oversize tyres.

    Unless they have pulled the throttle cable in half an inch, I’d be tempted to call bullpoo on those 40KPH claims.
  19. I have heard of a gear box mod that can be done to get genuine 40k out of a 78, but I’m not sure if it’s advisable.

    If you go on Facebook and look up The Big Ford 6 Cylinder Tractor Register, they’ll soon put you straight.
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  20. powerontheland

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    Gearbox out of a 7610 will do it as they were on 34inch tyres
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