Ford 7810 or 7840

Looking to buy a tractor to add to the ones that I've got what will be worth the most in a few years ford 7840 or 7810


Barnard Castle
Neither will depreciate in value if tidy and you pay sensible money for it. Probably currently similar money, 10k will get a v tidy one of either. I'd say the 7810 will increase in value before the 7840. We have a 7840 sle but not keen on the amount if electrics on it so I'd say get a sl dp or a 7810.


Mixed Farmer
A while back we had both an E plate 7810 and a R plate 7840 at the same time. Both fitted with turbo's. While the 10 was undoubtably a very good tractor, the 40 was in a different league in terms of comfort and refinement.
Yes coupled to our 4 metre p Harrow there wasn't much in it but on trailer work the 40 was faster and nicer to use with the 4 speed power shift.
As for ploughing the 40 could pull 5 furrows as well as the 10 could with 4 (from a traction point of view) mainly down to a bit more overall weight including an extended front weight frame and electric lower link sensing.

For a working tractor the 7840 is the one to go for however as Nearly says why not try to find something a bit different? How about trying to find one of those Ford Versatile 276 bi directional tractors. There must be a few in the UK?


If it's for the shed a 7810, if you are going to use it then a late model 7840 dp.
Think the 7840 was the most popular tractor ever built by NH at Basildon, 19000 made we were told on the factory tour.

multi power

about 9 yearsago i went to local dealer wanting a 7810, he had 2 there, one was rough, the other had too many hours, they were both far too dear, so, aginst my better judgment i looked at a 8340 he had, i only look as he said where it came from(a very tidy home)
to cut a long story short i would have been better paying him to keep the 8340, i lost 5k in it in under 2 years, if i had bought a 7810 i would still have an appreacting asset

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