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Ford 8210 Oil Leak

Discussion in 'Classic Machinery' started by jonnyone, Mar 13, 2016.

  1. jonnyone

    jonnyone Member

    Got a 4WD 8210 here with an oil leak somewhere between the top of the oil pump and lift cover and I just can't seem to pinpoint where its coming from The array of pipes and fittings going to 4WD transfer box, dual power etc. don't help so has anyone had this problem on a Ford before.
    Checked lift cover and its tight hydraulic oil filter is tight nipped up on any connections I can see or get at but leak continues needless to say its worse when oil is hot
    At a guess I'd say its losing 5 litres of oil per day I know these old Fords always have little leaks but this is a bit much
  2. powerontheland

    Hockley Essex
    All Fords leak oil from the backend!!! Could be the top cover gasket gone, that was quite common
  3. rich8100

    rich8100 Member

    dover Kent
    Give it a damn good steam clean and take the time to check. Start at the top and work down.
  4. John 1594

    John 1594 Member

    And people reckon DBs leak a lot of oil :scratchhead:
  5. rich8100

    rich8100 Member

    dover Kent
    I would have though at 5L a day a leak should be pretty obvious.
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  6. Yes, that sort of quantity suggests a pipe or union joint coming loose rather than a gasket.
  7. This pipe behind the fuel tank came adrift once on my 7810. 8210 maybe different.:unsure:

  8. tm jim

    tm jim Member

    Check the pipe that's comes out of the pump to the trailer brake valve. It's an l shaped pipe with a bracket either side that fastens to the casing. It often fractures behind the bracket. Part no is 83925118.very common to leak btw but it can't be seen as its behind the bracket against the casing.
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  9. jonnyone

    jonnyone Member

    Thanks to you all for replying to this thread and for posting pics, supplying part numbers etc. it been most helpful
    I'm going to put the tractor on the plough tomorrow morning after I've given its back end and transmission housing a good wash down. Then give it a good work out for a few hours to get the oil good and hot Hopefully I will then be able to see where the leak is coming from and quantify just how much oil it leaking over a given time period.
    I'll post my findings (if any) later.
    Thanks again
  10. I had a similar problem with my 7610 after I put a new hydraulic pump on, could not get the pipe to seal in the pump, tried new o rings, bought a new seal kit still leaked. Put a new pipe on in the end and its been dry ever since. Turned out it was the same problem as above. same
  11. jonnyone

    jonnyone Member

    Just an update
    Took out all the lift cover bolts cleaned them and torqued them back on. put a new hose to the assistor rams (think the banjo bolt on top may have been leaking. Tightened all the pipe connections to the trailer brake valve again..... and anything else I could see and hey presto just a few tiny drops of oil showing. Had it on the reversible plough yesterday and didn't lose a half litre of oil all day.
    Thanks again to everyone for their suggestions
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  12. ehojgaard

    ehojgaard New Member


    I am new to this site / forum. I hope that you can help. I have last week purchased a 1989 Ford 8210 Mark 3.

    The tractor runs weel, but have a major leak under the gear box, and I was thinking to look at the pipe 83925118 - is the
    pipe placed at the "front" or "backend" of the tank ?

    I have been looking at the official New Holland / Ford online parts catalog but I have not been able to locate the part
    83925118, se the link


    Can you tell if it is one of the part on the picture below ?

    Do you know where I can find a digital (PDF) version of the Ford 8210 Mark 3 TRACTOR WORKSHOP SERVICE REPAIR MANUAL ?

    thanks in advance

    Best regards, Erik

  13. ehojgaard

    ehojgaard New Member


    Today I found the pipe in the parts list - the pipe is part of the trailer brake system.

    And part number have changed to 3 numbers : 83925118 - E0NNA995AA - NH83925118

    I hope that this information will help others

    Best regards, Erik

  14. ehojgaard

    ehojgaard New Member


    I have enclosed copy of the functional diagram - the pipe 83925118 which number is it on the diagram ?

    Best regards, Erik

    Vogn bremse - overblik.jpg
  15. Richard Devon

    Richard Devon Member

    its the red circuit from (6)

    There is a test adaptor that can be interchanged with that pipe to actually measure the transmission pump flow and efficiency.
  16. ehojgaard

    ehojgaard New Member


    Is it necessary to remove the transmission oil, before disassemble the pipe from the opil pump ?

    I change the break oil seals on the break pin during the weekend and it help alot.

    Best regards, Erik
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  17. ehojgaard

    ehojgaard New Member


    I need some help on the Ford 8210 Mrk 3.

    There is some oil leaks on the top of the tractor please se the pictures ...

    Is any good idea what to look for ?


    Is it gasket no. 23 ?

    Leak.jpg Gasket .jpg

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