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Discussion in 'Classic Machinery' started by cfr1964, Aug 22, 2016.

  1. cfr1964

    cfr1964 Member

    We have an excellent 10 series thread
    What about a 40 series one?
    Here's one of ours to kick off with 20160822_110950.jpg Equipped with an equally state of the art manure spinner (y)
    Apologies if a similar thread has been done already and I can't remember it
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  2. Ah well, if you insist......
    It's against my religion to combine on sunny days.....:rolleyes:
  3. Thomas

    Thomas Member

  4. IMG_1471865324.870347.jpg

    Came over all arty I'm afraid!
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  5. Nearly

    Nearly Member

    North of York
    8340 artic abbey.jpg
    Arty one?
    2 Moffett newby 7740 7840.jpg
    Attack of the clones
    8340 subtiller (1).jpg
    It does work for (half) a living.
    7840 mast ford.jpg
    And a silly one.
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  6. ste

    ste Member

    IMG_0406 (1).JPG 20140621_122453.jpg

    Bought it 7 years ago from my neighbour, has about 15000hrs now, left them with 13800 on. I drove it into their yard when they bought it new as I worked at the dealer at the time, then drove it out 2nd hand.

    Still on original DP pack, had a couple of head gaskets and sets of brakes, now upgraded to the 4 disc brakes. Has been turbo'd and they modified the JD loader to fit
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  7. I do like a rain cap on exhausts......:cool:
    Only one I've ever had was on a Ford 4000. Didn't last long as dad tried to drive into a low building, minutes after I said " Don't drive in there, the doorway's too low".:(
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  8. jendan

    jendan Member

    If you were going to buy a 7840 SLE "L reg" white roof,with a loader on,and 9100 hours. Back arms lift up slow.They are wanting £9000.What things would you be looking at?
  9. jendan

    jendan Member

  10. Vincent

    Vincent Member

    Kildare Ireland
    IMAG0651.jpg IMAG0514.jpg IMAG0397.jpg IMAG0348.jpg IMAG0371.jpg just my 78 sorry if a bit repetitive some may have been seen before.
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  11. Nearly

    Nearly Member

    North of York
    Byland. Taking a 40' artic up Sutton Bank......the scenic route.
  12. multi power

    multi power Member

    Isn't this thread in the wrong section?

    Oh poo we don't have a junk section


    I will get my coat
    At least the leaping goat owners are getting a break
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  13. ste

    ste Member

    Not sure on the arms, but a main concern is the front axle pivot, play in there causes the prop shaft out of line wearing the couplings and the input shaft on the front axle £750 ish for part to repair just for the crown wheel and pinion never mind the bolster and mounting. The change on the gearshift between 2 and 3 can be harsh, just a problem with SLE as its changing from one pack to a seperate one. Brakes on these can be weak, they only used 3 discs on the 7840 where as the 7740, 8240, and 8340 all had 4 (updated ours after fitting a crap set of non genuine discs that wrecked the housings so upgraded from a breaker). Forward and reverse syncro can wear badly too, not replaced on mine but can be a pig to get in sometimes
  14. jendan

    jendan Member

    Is there any quick or easy way to check for front axle pivot play? Do you think one with 9000hours on and that age is worth £9000?
  15. ste

    ste Member

    Possibly worth that but would need to be clean. I paid £9000 for mine but I did know its full history, to the point that I did some of the repairs on it over the years.

    If you can power the loader down and look for play in the pivot, need a couple of you to do it
  16. jendan

    jendan Member

    Of course.Power down. Thanks for the tips.
  17. mb86

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    Barnard Castle
  18. cfr1964

    cfr1964 Member

    Here's our 6640 272562-4e4fff8c27a6eff68dca5a09c151dc7f.jpg Not quite as pretty as some but a good old bus just the same (y)
  19. ewald

    ewald Member

    I have a 7740 and an 8340 - to me they are still newish mainline tractors, not classics.
    Feeling depressed now....
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  20. mb86

    mb86 Member

    Barnard Castle
    They are newish aren't they??? Our k reg 7840 is the youngster of our tractors

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