Ford ranger 2.2 engine siezed

Discussion in 'Machinery' started by Pwleeds, Oct 9, 2017.

  1. Johnnyboxer

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    Oh yes, he definitely thought his cars were the bee's knees

    Showed me a Fiesta ST, a 3 cyl Ecoboost 1 litre that was putting out 160 bhp and claimed Ford were making awesome cars
  2. Barleycorn

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    ST? Sanitary towel??
  3. Cowabunga

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    They do actually make awesome cars. Absolutely as good as any other and sometimes better. Its the way they handle [or in this case ignore] any issue that almost inevitably arise on newish models that is substandard. I suspect that Transit customers get a far better service than Ranger customers. Unless someone knows different.
  4. Turra farmer

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    They know the true story , just choose to forget it
  5. have not heard of any issues here that I know off, although the 3.2 engine is available right through the whole range here ( not just the high spec ) & would be far & away more popular than the 2.2 ( to be honest, I didn't know the 2.2 existed until I saw this thread, but yes, they are on the Ford Australia website )
  6. err, after doing a little bit of research ( ie looking at Google ) it appears as if Ford Australia are every bit as bad in relation to their customer & warranty service.

    there was actually a big case with issues with the transmissions in Fiestas where they were blaming the mainly women drivers ( they are a girls car ) for the faults . . .
    Also warranty issues with Ranger ( biggest complaints are Ford's response, more than the issues themselves )

    this is despite all their tv advertising promoting how great the customer service & warranty is ( headlined by a very attractive, confident looking young women - it must be true hey ? )
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  7. kiwi pom

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    canterbury NZ
    Fiestas are a girls car! Oh bollocks I had one for going to work:facepalm:
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  8. Muck Spreader

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    Suspect you are right, fleet buyers can exert a lot of clout.
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  9. Bingo you couldn't make it up
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  10. Or just a sh!t engine
  11. YELROM

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    North Yorkshire

    When our ranger was in for a new engine it was next to a transit and the firm were paying for the new engine as they needed the van back, were as i refused and it took a couple of months of haggling before Ford agreed to pay for our engine
  12. nick...

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    south norfolk
    Really bad these big companies treating customers like mums year old mercedes was sratched on front and back wings when they took it in fir a service.main dealer in norwich denied all responsibility but tried to polish out the scratches which did not work.the service manager called her a lier and nade her cry and mercedes uk dont want to know.nice way to treat an 80 year old lady who been buying mercedes cars for 25 years.
  13. Muck Spreader

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    Did you write to Mercedes UK with details and photos? Years ago a had a problem over a the purchase of a VW Passat estate. Wrote to VW UK who read the dealer the riot act, salesman was sacked I had a choice of free option upgrades on the car and they then always treated me like royalty when it came to servicing, picking up and dropping off the car at my house at a time convenient to me. (y)
  14. nick...

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    south norfolk
    Yes,did email them but they sided with the dealer,think my mum has given it up as a bad job.if I had my way I'd go and make some noise in the showroom on a Saturday afternoon.
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    north Wales
    Spent 3.5k doing my td5 engine up after cylinder head sprung a leak and filled the sump with diesel...year after gearbox went, all under 70k miles. Haven't spent a half of that on the 3 hiluxes we've had since 1985
  16. milkloss

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    East Sussex
    Td5 lovely engine to drive, really keen and plenty of go in a 90. Wouldn't want to have one by choice though!
  17. willy

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    The td5 wasn't about in 1985
  18. GTB

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    Ceredigion, wales
    We had one of the first TD5 in 2000. It was a heap of shite and was very nearly our last ever Defender. Next one in 2004 was a good 'un! Then we had a 2.4 in 2009. It was falling apart before we got it home. It WAS our last Defender :( (apart from the K reg 200 tdi which is still going strong and will be here for a long while yet. (y) )
  19. Forage Trader

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    I've had three VW engines blow on me .now I hire and laugh at those who say it's dear
  20. ricky_rascal

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    N. Yorks
    So, does the 3.2 Ranger have the same problem with oil pump?

    Liked the Ranger to drive but never had any luck with Ford cars over the years.

    Dad had a Subaru Forrester previous to his current Ford Kuga. at 20,000 miles the dual mass flywheel flew to bits. Had a right going on getting dealer to stand up to that. Some time on dad rings me to say he's gone through a small flood and thinks hes sucked some water in as engine won't turn over. So went to rescue him and although he was in some water it wasn't deep and no where near the sills. Checked the air filter and all was bone dry. Subaru were adamant it was water damage and and insurance job. Anyway I had a google and found that the rear bearing on the crankshaft of the new boxer diesel was seizing. So back to dealers and argued the toss. Service manager had never heard of the issue but they would have a look. Then saw a lad in workshop and mentioned it to him -"Oh yes, we've done 4 in the last 6 weeks". Red face from service manager - but you really feel like giving him a clip. Never believe a word anyone in the car trade says!

    All that said I've had no probs with our local Isuzu dealer. Sure I've had some fannying about with the dpf issue. As car dealers go they've been good to get on with. I say car dealer but York Vans only really deal in commercials. Well used to deal with business buyers. That said spoke to a fella earlier this year who'd bought a s/h d-max and was grumbling a bucketful about them. As far as I could tell he'd had some rust appear on tail gate. He'd not taken it back to get it sorted under the 5 year paint warranty mind :rolleyes:

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