Forklift driver versus Newreader best teeth.

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  1. How do newsreaders have such great teeth, weathers girls, actors too?

    Was at wholesalers this morning, some of those poor lads are down to their last tooth.

    Some personnal interest had my first root canal treatment this week, Dentist told me about client, scared of dentists & had an infection so bad that the mouth was so swollen he was unable to do anything other than send the poor woman to hospital.
  2. dowcow

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    Because the weather girl spent her teenage years at stage school practising her smile. Papa spent a fortune having her teeth fixed in the years before that. The forklift driver spent his youth gobbling amphetamines/E's, smoking and binge drinking and getting into fights.
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  3. Was very impressed by the pop star who has recently won an award of some kind.

    Lived on the streets, homeless for a long period.

    To come out of that, with such sucess & not be bitter, totally take my hat off to him.

    Really good teeth, in his case I'm gussing very lucky with his genes.
  4. There is of course the lead singer of the pogues, pretty much toothless.

    The exception to the rule & much loved because he has survived his suicidal lifestyle choices.
  5. My teeth are worse than average, but not unusual for someone in their mid 50's.

    I was thinking whilst in the dentists chair. If you commit a crime in your teens, it is forgotten about 30 years later, drink some top deck shandy, 30 years later you are in the dentists chair.
  6. How much

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    North East
    METHADONE MICK from still game !!!! his replacement pearly whites take some beating

    methadone mick.jpg
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    East Sussex
    Has some Iranian neighbours back in the crash (2009?) and they specialised in veneers, implants etc. Pretty high tech stuff and constantly on training courses and the like. I asked if trade was bad due to money being tight in general and he replied that was more cash about than ever and his waiting list was huge. £10k slapped on the counter in notes wasn’t a rarity!!

    It’s amazing what they can do with braces on the back of the teeth nowadays. They take a mould and send it off to Germany and comes back with a folder With different braces and retainers to fit over a period of time. Very often teeth are removed to give room to shuffle others around with the braces. Going to cost probably several grand for the average job though......,,,,and a fair amount of pain and discomfort.
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  8. Having issues with teeth/gum disease can seriously affect overall heath , don't risk it, get it fixed.
    Dentistry is so good and not much discomfort there is no excuse for delaying treatment, go see your dental hygenist 2-3 times a year and stay ahead of any issues.
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  9. The perception is that in the states you have better teeth that us Brits, and often a worse diet (on average) you must have good busy dentists.

    I once read that the US miltary has the highest proportion of dentists than any other organisation. Three on every air craft carrier.
  10. Have great dentists, its very rare, almost never see anyone with poor teeth.
    On the other hand when I am in UK its common to see folks with teeth missing, why is that..?
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  11. David.

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    J11 M40
    At a guess, because an implant will be wrong side of £1000.
  12. Paddington

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    Soggy Shropshire
    There is a waiting list of several months here even for a routine checkup if you're lucky enough to get registered with an NHS dentist.
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  13. interesting you say that
    I have often wondered about the NHS & the quality / availability / cost of dentistry in the UK.
    The perception or stereo type here is also that Brits have bad teeth. Not necessarily missing, but discoloured or gappy or just not "good" looking teeth . . .
    Is it diet, the NHS, socio / economic reasons, cultural differences, or just a stereo type ?
    Similar to you, it is rare to see someone with bad teeth here unless they have obvious other issues
    Two of my brothers in law are dental technicians, so it is something I notice . . .
    oh, by the way, our Medicare system doesn't cover dental work, so its not like it is free or subsidised here at all
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  14. haha - you've just reminded my of an episode of the "Simpsons" where they go to the UK & everyone has big crooked gappy teeth
    then there is always the Austin Powers movies :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
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  15. Lazy Sod

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    One of the reasons for the difference between our populations teeth in the US and the UK is the fact that orthidontestry got going a lot earlier in US. I was born at the end of WW11, so when I was growing up in the fifties and early sixties, the practice was unheard of.

    All of my children, who were born in the seventies, had the benefit of braces, better dental education and fluoride toothpaste from the start. I, on the other hand, have a lot of metal fillings and some crooked teeth.

    I made a decision many years ago that I would never countenance dentures or visible gaps. I now have several crowns and a 3 tooth bridge mounted on two implants. The latter was very expensive, but worth it.
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  16. Actually, that's not a bad price for an it adds to your overall health, I would call that a deal.
  17. Your NHS is great (My eldest grandaughter is a junior doctor in Derby) but maybe its' not best at everything..........maybe orthodontics/dentistry would be better served if it were separate..?
    Set aside a budget or private insurance to cover...............any treatment that you have to wait months to get is no good. The health of your mouth is what matters so hanging around to get an appointment is no good.
    Been my experience that when you are personally paying, you get the service, would add that a lot of dental practices here do not take insurance of any kind, walk in get the service,pay the bill..........thoughts'
  18. How much

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    North East
    There is no shortage of NHS dentist to go to these days 12 years a go that was another matter but the 2008 recession sorted that out.

    The wife is registered with NHS and recently got a broken tooth that needed a crown , NHS quote was around £400 for a crown, the same NHS dentist quoted just over £600 for a white crown . She went to another private dentist who she had good reports on and got it done for £280 privately so like everything pays to shop around.
  19. Campbell

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    We have a family member in Orthodontics, a parent once payed to have a child's brace removed for a school photo then replaced....:eek: Many £k's.
  20. Nearly

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    North of York
    Neighbour just spent £30k on teeth after a horse kicked her 20 years ago. Teeth gradually died off but now all new.
    I'm lucky to have no fillings and still one milk tooth at 50.
    Genetics and avoiding horses. :D
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