Fox or dog or??


Found n middle of field tis morn wit eaten hip side down? Note ears nibbled? Fox or dog rest of sheep seamed calm.


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Fox....... but could also be a Badger. Badgers sometimes bite a lamb's head if it decides to follow them through the field. Unusual for them to eat the hind leg like that though.


Any point leaving lamb wit poison in it? Would they prefer them fresh? Lamb near week old too smaller easier caught ones left.


Leave lamb 30m from hedge, lie down with gun between toes Beverly Hill Billies style and try a daytime squeak. Its amazing what can jump out to say hello to some AAA. Or it doesn't, and you haven't lost much more than your sanity!
I thought that foxes usually took the carcase remains to a 'larder', rather than leave?
Several years ago, a badger started at the back end of a new born calf of ours. Bit through it's spinal cord. It was still alive when we found it; rolled under a back fence away from where mum could protect it.


Had a dog fox last year that took one, maimed one and left the best part of another lamb on the field (he got shot up beverly hill billy style) no more lambs taken.

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