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  1. Notice also that B4RN are using “symmetric” gigabit Ethernet like on an ordinary Ethernet network.

    This is a superior system to GPON which BT/Openreach decided to use as their standard for FTTP.

    GPON is asymmetric - download will always be much greater than upload speed. Kind of like DSL

    The B4RN network behaves much more like a “leased line” service where up/down speed is pretty much the same.
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    Gigaclear is the same I believe.
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    Castle Douglas
    Slightly off topic but what’s the going rate for a pole wayleave these days? Openreach are looking to install 5 and it would be useful to know where we should be aiming.

    The good news is we’ve been waiting 12 weeks for them to connect the office to the fibre junction box 15m away for FTTP so we might finally have some leverage on them.
  4. Superior system, without doubt. The only reason that BT/Openreach choose the alternative is that it significantly reduces their equipment cost base or it did when they first decided what architecture to use for FTTP - basically one single GPON port back at the exchange can get “split” to serve up to 128 customers...so they get a lot of bang for buck!

    The alternative architecture that folks like Gigaclear and B4RN use requires a dedicated fibre all the way back to their Point of Presence (where they have their active kit installed). Basically like a large network you would install inside a building.

    Each client connection needs one port on the gear so they need more ports/laser transceivers - but these have become so cheap now anyway, you can buy a SFP type laser transceiver that will run 1000Mbit/s Ethernet for up to 10km on single-mode fibre, for less than £20 wholesale. Indeed entire Gigabit switches that contain the SFP modules are pretty cheap now too.

    It’s all described here:
  5. Just in case anyone who is contemplating FTTPoD wants to get a "broader" view on likely install costs, here is a link to a list of install costs around the country, as compiled by some guys on the thinkbroadband forum:

    Most folks would have applied for the DCMS gigabit voucher, so their actual costs would be £3K to £3.5k (if business) or £1K to £1.5K (if residential) less than shown in column D...

    FTTPoD Desktop Quotes and Final Prices

    Screenshot 2019-06-14 at 18.52.08.png
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    Only 4 final quotes were higher than desktop. An unlucky few! :rolleyes:

    Shows how accurate the desktop survey is!
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    Looks like Avonline networks take their holidays in June. No activity at all this last 2 weeks.
    Coil of wire taped to the pole next to the manhole where the main line runs, Looks to be the only outstanding job
    Frustrates me every time I drive past

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