Fuel for a ted20

Discussion in 'Classic Machinery' started by firsttimerestoration, Aug 16, 2016.

  1. madmatt

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    The reduction box probably doubles the value of the tractor! A comp,ete reduction box on eBay usually gets into a 4 figure sum.

    Well worth getting it sorted to run the bench on kero
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  2. tomlad

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    nr. preston
    Keep it. ..,!
    Two bob weights is side the disy that can wear would effect timing
    Holes for springs can oval then pull through.
  3. Ley253

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    having run many tvo tractors over the years, Case, International, Fordson ,and a Fergy powered 701 baler, I can say that they all ran with no bother at all on straight 28sec heating oil. The two model "N"s on the farm still do in fact. How ever, as the T20 engine was a poor conversion, they can be trouble in tractors. An Uncle had one from new, and it never ran well unless it was worked at almost stalling point, half an hours light work, and it would cool down and oil the plugs! Not good when you were filling the spreader by hand, you usually got back on the tractor to drive off, and make about 5 yards before it ran out of functioning plugs!
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  4. MaisiesDad

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    I have a TVO te20 and always run it on standard unleaded, it never does hard work just tows the little muck trailer and sometimes the chain harrows. Two years ago i rebuilt the carb, new fuel tank, new fuel filters and gave it a good service, runs like a dream.
  5. Mursal

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    New fuel tank, a bit extravagant?
    We have a lawnmower tank on ours for the petrol, just temporary mind
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    £140 on eBay. Struck me as not being bad money really. Hardly entering into the spirit of farmers though is it. :D
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  7. MaisiesDad

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    True, I did a full restoration job intending to show it but ended up using the old girl instead!
  8. mikep

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    If I remember correctly the fergie distributor was a needle roller affair very popular with the car racing boys of the time as it was more reliable at higher revs. I know my cooper s had one reputed to be a 20. Maybe yours was borrowed one dark night:eek:
  9. Thank you for all the advise on this forum conversation
  10. Thank you because this leads to what you need depending on the work it is going to do it is very useful
  11. Based on this thread we've just bought a Diesel 20!

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    ha, i nearly ran Dad down about that age. my legs wernt long enough to straddle the gearbox on the nuffield, so it was either clutch or brakes, but not both at the same time. It was fun at that age and had now idea how much knowledge was unknowingly absorbed.. Same with handling livestock,
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