Future National Treasures

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Lazy Sod, Jan 9, 2019.

  1. Lazy Sod

    Lazy Sod Member

    Chris Packham, NOT
  2. Lazy Sod

    Lazy Sod Member

    Alice Roberts and Brian Cox.
  3. sooty and sweep
  4. Monsters Of Showbiz those two.
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  5. Bruce Dickinson for certain,Gary Barlow and possibly Helen Skelton.
  6. Rowland

    Rowland Member

    Northeast England
    Matt Baker squeaky clean family man
  7. Jools Holland
  8. primmiemoo

    primmiemoo Member

    Meera Syal.

    Stacey Dooley - definitely someone to keep in mind.
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  9. Whitepeak

    Whitepeak Member

    Buxton, Derbyshire
    Went to see The Favourite last week, which she is in. Let's just say it was slightly uncomfortable watching it sat next to the future mother in law :bag:
    Matt Baker and Helen Skelton are both good shouts as they are both from Northern farming stock. But they probably won't for that reason.
  10. Fiveospades

    Fiveospades Member

    Norfolk Broads
    I know it's quite rural where I live but just who the hell are some of these people being mentioned in this thread, I have no idea what they do or did .
  11. Danllan

    Danllan Member

    Sir Gar / Carms
    Welcome to the age of social media... the idiotic in full worship of the banal :eek: :banghead: :(
  12. br jones

    br jones Member

    Nobody in tv today has a lot of talent to be honest ,national treasure my arsee
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  13. Spuddler

    Spuddler Member

    Summer set
    Sophie Rayworth
    Jamie Oliver
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  14. primmiemoo

    primmiemoo Member

    All the folk mentioned are on mainstream telly - apart from TFFers.

    Floella Benjamin is already a national treasure, but worth a mention.
  15. How much

    How much Member

    North East
    Ant and Dec despite the recent trouble for Ant the press and public seem to love them.
  16. David.

    David. Member

    J11 M40
    Jamie Oliver?
    Not very NT behavior to put a bunch of restaurants into receivership, shake off your small suppliers then buy them back with another arm of your empire.(n)
  17. primmiemoo

    primmiemoo Member

    Eddie Izzard - seriously.
  18. br jones

    br jones Member

    Rolf harris ,jonathan king ,
  19. betweenthelines

    David Attenbrough has actually changed the way people think.

    Most of the others mentioned are just well known for being on TV a lot
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  20. lazy farmer

    lazy farmer Member

    som/dor border
    Acting Colin Firth, Judy dench

    Tv Victoria Cohen Mitchell, Sophie Raworth.
    Brilliant minds on tv Brian Cox Alice Roberts, Maggie aderin pocock.

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