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Discussion in 'Crime Line' started by Tipper, Jun 29, 2017.

  1. Tipper

    Tipper New Member

    im feed up of stuff being nicked from my barn. Does anybody know of a 12 volt system that sends you a text when the gate is opened or removed from its hinges?

  2. A1an

    A1an Member

    Weld hinges and padlock the gate?

    There are many systems on the market that could do what you require but unfortunately the 12v bit will be an issue.

    You could put a tracker on the gate that will alert you via sms if it senses a movement or vibration, would be a faff changing the internal batteries on a regular basis though. You can hard wire them to a 12v battery, I have this setup in my boat.....
  3. Tipper

    Tipper New Member

    When the gate was welded on they just cut down the stock netting and I had to replace the fence. I've taken the view that they will get in anyway, they might as well use the gate.

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  4. Dry Rot

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    This thread aroused my interest so I did a Google. It sounds straight forward enough to design something for a movement or broken contact to alert a mobile phone, but there doesn't seem to be much out there.

    Found this site but the link I wanted did not work and I got a machine when I phoned. Maybe the OP is more persistent? Hate it when I get a zero response from a web site!
  5. Tipper

    Tipper New Member

    I don't think it should be that hard to do (not that I know how) but I can't find anything on the market.

    Your link isn't working
  6. It will if you remove the search bit off the end.
  7. How much

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    North East
    if you fit a basic alarm , most run at 12v or more less so you could just bypass the mains transformer in the panel and connect a 12 v battery into the board , the alarm gives you the ability to switch the sensor that you use on an off via the alarm panel. You don need fit a bell but having the means to switch of the alert would be helpful , basic alarm and sensor might cost you £80 to £100 for a sensor you could use heavy duty magnetic contact the type used on roller shutter doors , almost any alarm can be fitted to a auto dialer that will ring or text you , again these usually fit in the alarm panel and would or could be fed by the same 12v source.
    its possible that a auto dialer alone such as this
    on could be used by connecting one of the contacts directly to a contact on the gate , but dis-ableing it when you open the gate that may be the issue , I would ring them and ask if it could work , they are quite helpful.
    i have on of these dialers from the same co on an alarm and its a good bit of kit , a little bit of a fiddle to set up but has worked great since.
  8. f0ster

    f0ster Member

    I have what you are looking for, it is a gsm unit that has two digital inputs and one relay output, it runs off anything (ac or dc) up to 30v, with the digital inputs you have a pair of contacts that when closed by a sensor/detector or a switch of some sort it sends a text message to however many phone numbers you want (up to 500) it has two sets of digital inputs and each one can have its own unique message. the relay output is a relay with a set of change over contacts, n/o, n/c,
    when you phone the gsm it checks the phone number to make sure it is its phone book and if it is it hangs up (free phone call) and operates the relay for a preset amount of time which can be altered to suit circumstances. the programming of the device can be done from anywhere in the world via text message. it has lots more functions but these are the basic ones described. we install them on biomass boilers so that the dairy farmer knows directly when the boiler has a fault instead of when everything has gone cold. it operates off a payg sim and to stop people like voda fone from switching it off and stealing your money due to lack of use it has a keep alive function by sending a text every few weeks. another function is the fact that any mobile can be tracked as long as it is in signal range.
  9. Bob c

    Bob c Member

    and where do you get this item

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