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Discussion in 'Brexit & Politics' started by joe soapy, Apr 18, 2017.

  1. JP1

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    I reckon the announcement about folks staying at home with dementia or whatever and being means tested will bite TM very hard especially after GO put a CAP on things in a budget in very recent years
  2. arbel

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    I hear what you are saying, but care in the home provided by the state costs a lot of money, as does going into residential care.
    My own mum, who passed away last year, had to make over her house to the Local Authority and there was just £23K left in the kitty at the end. The nursing home fees were £2,700 a month !
    None of us have a God given right to inherit. Someone has to pay the care bills. At least TM's proposals will leave £100K for the kids to inherit.
    Yes, it might bite TM very hard indeed, but at least its a truthful and sensible way to address this issue. I note that the Tories are not making extravagant promises that they could never hope to live up to if they win. The same cannot be said for the other Parties.
  3. JP1

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    My Aunt was forced to sell her home as a condition of going in to sheltered housing. She has a huge range of medical conditions and , chronologically, not being that old (73) is means tested and pays for all her carers. I am not against this per se but I do remember George Osborne creating the £75,000 cap and I do think it will come back to bite the Conservatives.

    I'm too tired to write another long post as I have in the past about our broken social care system
  4. orchard

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    What's your source for the distribution of the National infrastructure spend please?

  5. The Donald

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    Think May has made a big mistake on the fuel allowance for the elderly on top of elderly care costs. Has handed Corbyn a very large stick with which to beat her!!
    Also of course kicking the very people who voted for Brexit!
    I fear the woman is completely clueless!!!
  6. caveman

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    East Sussex.
    He should be pleased.
    More jobs for the educated idiots.
    It'll cost more in jobs and administration to do this means testing than it will save.
  7. capfits

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    Not a great deal of costings in Tory manifesto, makes their beating about cost of Labour a bit weak.

    As it stands I suspect reality is about to bite and whoever is elected will have to raise taxes.
  8. RobFZS

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    What's corbyn gonna do? Sweet Fa , probably say he'll pay for it with the magic money tree like everything else, or just stick a random source of funding for something in the manifesto like they have been doing.

    i find the whole campaign very amusing, Labour is now sticking up for the winter fuel payment for rich pensioners , i'm not sure if they're being dishonest or are genuinely this blinded by their own ideology.

    The tories will smash this, they're essentially new labour with a hint of milliband, so that scoops up all the new labour voters and the Ukipers on the right, all thats left for Corbyn is the usual hard left nutcases and the students that don't bother to come out and vote anyway.
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  9. turbo

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    I hope you are right
  10. The Donald

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    Trouble is Corbyn don't have much to do. May has hit the elderly hard and there is a lot of them. They will come out and vote . Corbyn just needs a good old sustained media campaign to exaggerate as much as possible the pain the elderly will take.
    If she gets back to No 10 without a huge increase in her majority she will in reality have lost moral authority!
    The grey vote always has a big say in every election!!!
    The young vote is going to Corbyn. All those UNI freebies.
    May will get back in, but her majority might not be anywhere near as she believed when she pulled the lever.
  11. linga

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    But, as a wild generalisation, the grey vote understands and appreciates the position the country finds itself in and so will still vote conservative whereas the young are readily swayed by promises of freebies as they think only of themselves.
    The more enlightened young may well be thinking that there is no such thing as a free lunch and in a few short years they won't want to be paying for the young to attend university
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  12. RobFZS

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    Oldies remember the bad old days of Corbyns politics and what it leads to, alot like they remember before the common market

    i don't really believe Corbyn will manage half the things he's pledged, he's more of a populist than Trump, but the MSM won't called leftists populists.
  13. Ashtree

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    But, if he gets the message across to the basket of deplorables, he gets a new council house with a black door and a Bobby standing outside :whistle:
  14. wanton dwarf

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    I think £14 billion is spent on foreign aid.

    Everyone who works in the UK has paid a massive amount in taxes and then gets this ?

    It's not justified at all.

    And when you consider there are global corporations activily dodging taxes by using tax havens like Luxemburg.

    I hate this policy, it stinks. And it's not as though it's even on the radar for most people.

    Mind you the best thing everyone can do is place their home in a Ltd Company, then get it to charge the "owner" rent and claim it off the state.
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  15. wanton dwarf

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    My comments were from memory of an article around the previous election. I seem to remember it being New Stateman or The Economist. But the article here looks similar:

    Spending in London has been massively higher for decades.
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  17. Courier

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    Actually the means testing is already in place - if you qualify and apply for "pension credit" then you would get your heating allowance.

    If you qualify for PC but don't apply for it then you won't get a HA.

    If you don't qualify then F O

    Will probably end up with many " just about managing" pensioners swallowing their pride and applying, which will probably get them much more than just the HA - And then there will be the rest of the JAM pensioners who will get hypothermia and need hospitalisation or cremation.
  18. Wombat

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    East yorks
    I would agree with that to a point but by the time I retire (assuming it's around 68) I will have paid income tax, NI, Vat etc for over 45 yrs my mortgage is then paid after these. They then want to take my house away to fund any care. It could end up an effective tax rate of 60% plus if you add all this stuff up, not really an incentive to work for 45+ years :)
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  19. Muck Spreader

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    Unfortunately the money has to come from somewhere. So it's either a big increase in tax, not just 1 or 2 pence in the pound or your estate that has to fund it. The growing numbers of old folk, increasing minimum wage and the possible lack of future migrant workers in the care sector will only continue to disproportionately increase the cost.:( Euthanasia will be on the government list before long.
  20. Wombat

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    East yorks
    Or just don't work then it gets funded for u ffs

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