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    Yes I’m going to ignore it as it isn’t a geothermal site even though they think it is.
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    So extraction of water at 76C you do not class as geothermal. I would be quite happy with 50C extraction for the glasshouse heating.
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    I laugh at this half arsed attempt to harness the power of the earths core, I laugh so hard I feel embarrassed for Southampton with Alan greasing his own pockets abusing his position of power.

    75°C is embarrassing.

    Council meeting went like this;
    Reet, what’s on the agenda today?

    Erm, nowt. But look at this gas bill for the town hall!

    Alan, you have a company that deals with CHP don’t you, how ‘bout we jump on board and get some free heat and power?

    Alan: thought you blokes would never ask, me mates out back with his drilling kit, we will drill a deep hole and harness the earths core.
    (Alan sits back in his chair made of skulls from conquered kings and begins to realise that he can tap council funds to further research his own companies prospects, winner, winner chicken dinner)

    Driller outside smoking a fag.

    Alan to driller

    Told ya, easy money this council thing, I’ve managed to get them to invest all the council money in Iceland’s banking system after that trip I did looking at their geothermal works. You fresh from drilling Scotland’s final oil well, we’ve dropped on here.

    Alan to driller.

    Alan sticks his finger in his mouth and points it towards the sky. Driller, drill over there I have a great feeling about this.

    Driller, so, you don’t want me to look at the geological maps see what under this place?

    Alan, no matey, my unit where the lads work is just there, that’ll do nicely muchly, sharpen up the kit.

    Flashback to Iceland.
    Alan finishing off his whale steak.
    So you drill an average well into a volcano about 2.5km deep and harness 150° steam to run turbines?

    Fast forward to Southampton and the local press are witnessing Alan put a spade in the ground underneath his business sign, the scam starts here I mean steam!!

    Months later the driller still smoking the same fag realises he only has 1000m of kit.
    Alan, I need another 100k son, I’m getting through this bedrock nearly there, just need some more pipe, there’s an oil well in Scotland rapping up seeking cheap gear I’ll buy it.

    12 months later

    Driller to Alan
    Alan, I’ve gone through too many diamond bits and run out of pipe the rock is too dense you can have 1800m and 75°, final bill is 500,000
    Alan, sh!t, how can I make this up? I know, I’ll put a CHP unit on and call it geothermal no one will be the wiser


    The earths core, feel the power!!!

    Council meeting.

    So Alan, we’ve spent 2 mill, the bills are £1,200 a year, I don’t think this works?

    Yeah but at least we are getting good high interest rates in Iceland’s banking system, the interest will pay that back.

    Everyone slaps everyone on backs. Great job boys!!
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  4. renewablejohn

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  5. Exfarmer

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    Bury St Edmunds
    It is sad that you resort to cheap jibes which negate your very good argument that this project is a complete waste of tax payers money.
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  6. renewablejohn

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    Think you will find the majority of the money was euro money. Don't disagree it was badly done as 25 years ago we did not have the technology to utilise low temperatue geothermal but that has totally changed in the last 10 years.
  7. akaPABLO01

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    Made me smile.

    I’m not here to hold @renewablejohn ‘s hand, just facts.

    Job done.
  8. renewablejohn

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  9. akaPABLO01

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    But is it really.

    Seems to me Southampton has a hybrid district heating system made up of multiple technologies not just “solar thermal extraction”.

    It was a bloke in the right place at the right time tapping into exploration funding which in the end is financially unviable.
    Jesus Christ 9 million?

    Next you’ll be telling me Southampton are looking into solar roadways.
  10. renewablejohn

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    For a start its not solar thermal but geothermal as its extracting from 1800 mtrs below the ground. Yes it is multiple technologies as waste heat recovery is a principle of efficient combined heat and power. Only 1.1 million of the euro money was in connection with the geothermal plant which converted to sterling is less than a million pounds yet it produces 18% of the district heat. Quite a bargain I would say.
  11. akaPABLO01

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    Should we declare a new heat classification?

    Let’s agree to call it “gravitational pressure heat” or “bicycle pump heat” may be better.

    When was this the 70’s?
    9 million in today’s money is £132,307,387
    If built in the 80’s £37,483,631

    Yeah, was well worth the investment, would be interesting to know it’s annual maintenance cost because it would be very embarrassing to mothball such a high investment.

    Thankfully this project was kept on th qt. they are probably glad the multiple solar thermal collectors and “bicycle pump heat system” is still going as the payback would be 13 thousand years if the heating bill offset was £10k a year.
  12. renewablejohn

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    You cannot even read. The article even gives the date construction started so your figures are just garbage.
    As for your present value calculation £100 in 1990 is worth 216 in 2017 according to the government so in reality less than 2 million pound once you convert the 1.1 million euro back into sterling. In real terms the same amount as spent on security today for the royal wedding.
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    Bang to rights, these things I have zero interest in and looked at if for a whole 15 seconds before realising it isn’t even top grade geothermal. This is a joke. I just wish you’d stop letting your pride vail your rational thought.

    It’s ok I understand you’re in the thread deep about as deep as Southamptons feeble drilling attempt. 75° as appossed to 150° standard geothermal investment. Yeah @renewablejohn you go ahead and defend this atrocity bicycle heat pump.
  14. Gramman

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    We design and install domestic and commercial GSHP, we range anything from 8kw to 2mw. Looking at a system for drying just now and another for heating tunnels. We use bore hole trench and water source.
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    Why would you use bore hole @Grassman ?
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  16. Gramman

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    only if you don't have space for ground collector, you can double up bore holes also using reverse return which is basically two collectors inside one bore hole
  17. akaPABLO01

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    I rest my case.

    How much a kW for slinky you charge @Grassman ?
  18. Gramman

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    we don't use slinky, only manufacturer I know that endorse these are Kensa but you get over extraction and people placing them too close together
  19. Gramman

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    If your doing large scale bore field cost does come down from £35/m but it is expensive but the biggest return of technologies now. I'm away to commission a water source closed loop tomorrow and get that one up and running
  20. akaPABLO01

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    So you only bore? You must be a townie installer.

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