Animal rights activists are set to march on Downing Street this weekend to demand the beloved stud is kept alive, as celebrity supporters Chris Packham and Joanna Lumley waded into the row to offer their support.

And more than 85,000 people have so far signed a petition to save Geronimo after his owner Helen MacDonald lost a four-year court battle to stop his death.
This is certainly proof of one thing, modern day petitions are completely worthless.

It is quite clear that those supporting Geronimo have little or no idea as to exactly what they are campaigning for. I wonder if they would also sign a petition for
"Ensuring an emotionally compromised lady, her animals and those in the surrounding area are kept safe by removing 1 animal that has been shown to have a contagious, debilitating and often fatal disease."


Arable Farmer
If Geronimo gets a reprove ( and I’d vote to save the cute cuddle thing )... ( but he’s got TB and the rules say a TB animal must be culled) ... then I think a president will have been set.... and anyone with a cull order in future could launch a legal challenge using the Geronimo prescident.
Wonder if any vegans signed the petition?

By their standards this is an animal kept in unnatural conditions and exploited just for the financial benefit of the owner. They would say it's better off dead anyway.


I think the fact it's 4 years since the Tb result make a mockery of it all. I'm sure a lot of famers wouldn't mind losing cows if they could keep milking them for 4 years before they went. (Kept separate of course).
Wouldn’t be much point, you have to dispose of milk from TB reactors.

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