Getting a little dry


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I know I know not as dry as Australia, but for growing good wheat 5 mm of rain so far this month following an exceptional dry winter is not go to be filling the barn, let's just hope we get a 15mm-25mm before the end of the month.
Every year in the east mids we see to have a spring drought now.
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Luckily we have had 25mm of rain in the last week. More than forecast.

Spring barley is starting shift.

But it was damn cold today and last night.

Not done T1 on wheats yet and no rush to do then either.

This is barley on Sunday morning after first drop of rain. It’s romped on since.

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We,ve had a massive 81mm for the first 3 months of this year!!!:(:banghead:
I prefer it dry, unless the ground cracks in April then its not so good. Looks like that might happen this year. (the cracks have only just closed from last year).
All ponds around here are as low as they normally are in the summer.

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I hate to say it but some rain is needed here too, dairy cows have been out 3 weeks on Friday, (15-20th April turnout is the norm) during that time we've had only two seriously cold wet days when they wanted to come back in.

Crops are generally looking well, but the spring sown cereals are starting to look like they need a drink.

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