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Millie Moodle

Livestock Farmer
Two lovely 18 month old billies available to service your dairy girls. Their mum is 3/4 Guernsey and 1/4 Togg, with lovely milk and plenty of it!

The whole herd is CLA/CAE tested clear.

CPH is a must, not an option.

Experience and knowledge of goats is also not optional. Homes will be vetted.

Can be sold separately but only to homes with other goats.

I'm afraid that as I had 3 boys born last year and I can't really mate them back to mum or aunt, or my smaller females, I have to look elsewhere for them to go temporarily for a trial to add something new to your herd, or a permanent rehome. Though if you are interested in the latter, I do specify that I am looking for forever homes, with great care and knowledge of goats, and I don't want them to go to meat. We have watched these brothers grow, love them, and wouldn't want any harm to come. Hope you can understand.

With consideration of social distancing as required/needed. May be able to assist with transport. Please enquire first.


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Open Letter: Response to Eat Balanced Campaign on Social Media

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Letter to the Editor

January 2021

Have you seen the exciting new AHDB ‘We Eat Balanced’ £1.5 million marketing campaign launched on January 4? Anyone watching social media over the past two weeks won’t be surprised its stimulated debate with huge support, outrage, passion and enthusiasm all stirred up.

We want to inject balance into the debate about red meat and dairy – to start having a different national conversation and put farming’s voice out there. The campaign is being run across TV, print and in retail as well as social media, so millions of consumers will have the opportunity to see it. We know 98 per cent of households enjoy meat and dairy but some are looking to reduce, and this is who our campaign speaks to.

Farmers and consumers alike have congratulated us for airing...