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Discussion in 'Agricultural Matters' started by Paul Gosling, Aug 31, 2018.

  1. Paul Gosling

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  2. bankrupt

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    Last week it claimed UK wheat yields in 2018 were above the five year average so I thought we should get rid of it.

    This week it claimed UK wheat yields in 2018 were actually below the five year average so it should be given another chance to improve.

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  3. Tamar

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  4. Fubar

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    The potato arm of it can do one as far as I'm concerned.
  5. Hindsight

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    Hi, you are being mischievous and a tad disingenuous in those statements linking the trial results reports with the UK wheat yields - are you following the school of Donald Trump!!

    The press release / web posting that triggered all the opprobrium in the thread last week referred to the first six list trial results, and it was quite clear that the reference was to the trial series, made no reference or attempt or inference to link that to the national crop and since then with more trial results in the variance from the five year mean is below the mean.

    It was lazy somewhat indignant interpretation of the original press release encouraged I concur by a wording that could be misconstrued should a farmer have suffered low yields.

    Hey ho - quite often same English results in different interpretations. Good to see you give AHDB another chance! Regards.
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  6. matttargett4

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    I agree with the above, don't know much about potatoes but I just completed a a basis course and the cereal info is nearly relevant the potato stuff is 10yrs old at least, one of the herbicide docs suggested simazine or something ridiculous

    Given people are forced to pay good money for that the people in charge should be embarrassed to cash their pay checks
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  7. chipchap

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    South Shropshire
    I thought it was just a pension scheme for all the NFU and Quango staff that are too incompetent to get a job elsewhere.
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  8. 4course

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    north yorks
    Not sure thats right cos if you look at the photos of staff in the articles published on the site particularly marketing you will see that most of them are younger looking than last bobby I saw , nothing wrong with youth i wish i was 40 years younger but the best advice ive ever had has come from those with more experience than me usually hard learnt, it could be argued that the ahdb is a tool of the govt in cohoots with the trade to keep commodity prices down. For instance look at bankrupts post above and how many folks where informed last week by their merchant that yields arnt down everywhere and there could be a lack of demand thus having the effect of knocking a tenner of the grain price.
  9. Just as a rough yard-stick, can we have a poll on here, keep or disband.
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  10. ajd132

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    Whilst I don't always agree with how the AHDB spend their money and I think reform is important I worry if it's disbanded it will play even more into the hands of the likes of Agri Hurchinsons etc. However, I am a member of Niab CMI and Adas and get most of my agronomic information from them so on the other hand perhaps our money is better spent supporting these groups? Just a thought.
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  11. PaulNix

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    What strikes me with the advice they give particularly on the livestock side is how it reminds me of people who used to teach at our agricultural college, all seems right and ok but then it slowly dawns on you that you are listening to people telling you how to run a (hopefully) successful business who aren't actually earning a living from doing it but by telling others how best to do it.
    Agree with the potato bit, worse than useless.
  12. bankrupt

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    Fair points.
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  13. bankrupt

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    You should expect to hear from my lawyers first thing Monday.
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  14. shakerator

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    Please can you go back to HGCA
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  15. Hindsight

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    :) never sure which of these imoji things to use! Think this is appropriate - smiley face. Best wishes.
  16. T C

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    Nr Kelso
    And waste another small fortune on rebranding!
  17. Worsall

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    South Oxfordshire
    Good to have the chance to comment, so will do the online submission asap....but as usual it will only be the people that are part of the system that will bother, and nothing will change. If there was a section on our sales contract did we want to deduct '£X' from our price towards a Levy, the answer would be very different.
  18. Brisel

    Brisel Member

    This. Very much, this!

    Not everyone wants to join NIAB TAG or CMI etc & we need information as independent as possible. Some of the data protocols may be a bit flawed but ultimately it's better than "free" information from the sellers of said variety, chemical etc etc.

    Do you find CMI useful? They spend most of their time ripping off trials data from other people and reanalysing it though some of the stuff they've come up with I like a lot. A session with that genius Chris is rather one way only but informative nonetheless IMO.
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  19. simon w

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    Hayling Island
    Just had an email from AHDB.

    AHDB is organising a farmer Study Trip to Hungary (details below). The trip is heavily subsidised and places are available on a first come first served basis. Places are limited so if you wish to join, please respond ASAP - details below.

    AHDB South East and West Regions Joint Arable Study Trip – Hungary
    • Is Hungarian agriculture any better or worse than ours?
    • Are we competitive?
    • Are their systems more sustainable and fit for the future?
    • Do they have any new research or technology that we can learn from?

    Who decides how the AHDB spends our money? I am also worried by the adverts for staff nearly every week in the FW as this must lead to an increase in levy. The whole thing seems to be out of our control, I agree bring back HGCA
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  20. Tamar

    Tamar Member

    Agree, I’m shocked at the amount of staff that appear to be recruited each week. All with hefty salaries and pension schemes .

    Most staff appear to be young,fresh out of Uni without any experience or know what direction to lead the AHDB in.

    Might actually be better to spend some of the money on a decent marketing firm.
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