Glyphosate alternatives ?

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not allowed here but yes that was the nearest thing to and precursor to roundup, used to use it on dirty headlands and also in later yrs to get the green down to deter the aphids before ploughing .

never thought much of it (not having glyphosate ) back then tbh on a mixed farm with sheep and swedes in the rotation. what you never had you never missed.
How is it a Distributor supplies buying group customers but not its own? think the buying group customer is paying less as well?

You really know who your friends are at the moment.

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That sounds like a recipie worth knowing for those with a Bramble issue.... eg. after Stewardship for 10 years!! ;)
i hate brambles with vengance thorn saplings/suckers as well, and thickets of those are the first things that take over on ground that's 'left alone', fudging horrible stuff. i dont even think wildlife likes it much , apart from bugs slugs and elly beetles :cautious:

If spraying stuff like that by knapsack be very careful not get cuts /scratches through gloves.


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Well went into the spray shed this morning and it was sat there. Can’t pinpoint the delivery date without ringing and things may have changed today, but it’s been applied today and used up.

blimey, blew a gale all day here, didn’t even dare spin some calcifert on !


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My buying group rang today to say they had a supply £150. Don’t think they would sell to customers just yet though.
My buying group said there was naff all and a big waiting list. Quick ring to some distributors and lo and behold some has appeared. Not cheap but at least I've got a bit more in the shed now.

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interesting, i was told he had none, in fact told no one did ☹️
My buying group has some, supplies are tight and they are prioritising deliveries and planning pre and post harvest demands to stem panic buying and further straining of supplies
They have provided a superb service all year from spot on advice on N, early warning on glypho, kerb etc and currently early heads up on key spring products while remaining very competitive on price
I’m not trying to put down Farm Marketplace but buying on price is one thing, the market advice and work that goes into securing competitive supplies is what my BG provides and what gives it an advantage and value to me

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