Go on prove it, that your an actual farmer


South West
Need to be surgically removed from ye wellies and boiler suit which as dirty as the tractor your driving but then isolation don't bother me as very often go weeks without leaving the farm any how's.
Probably different for arable farmers tho.


Nr Lincoln
SBI number surely would be proof that you were a registered farming business. Plus maybe some ID to tally with the business address.
I have an SBI number but my place of business doesn’t have an address, it’s just a shed in a field. Those that need to know where it is do, all the rest can do one 🤣

kiwi pom

canterbury NZ
I wouldn't wind down my window for anyone at the moment!
Neither would I. Mrs pom went to work this morning with a letter from her employer stating she was on the key worker list. I told her if she was stopped and asked just to keep the window up and hold the letter up, record the conversation if she got chance.
Pickup looks wrecked (taliban has better gear) dog looks knackered, phone doesn’t stop, bottles of calcium, pen strep, alamycin la etc around calf pullers in back (I even take them to the pub with me when it used to be open) flexothene waterproofs no croch leg ripped out by a scotty ewe, tools in back for mystery breakdown, driver looks like he’s seen better days, wife looks like she’s ran out of tablets probably on phone too (not to me luckily, nh case and jcb parts in vehicle, lots of paperwork! copper would have to be pretty thick and I know most of them!

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138: Special episode: Covid-19 impact on the Potato sector

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138: Special episode: Covid-19 impact on the Potato sector

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In this special issue of the Potatoes Podcast we will discuss the impact of Coronavirus on the Potato Markets. A fresh update on how Covid-19 has resulted in an increased demand on the retail market, while the chipping market has suffered the hardest hit. The uncertainty of the current situation will force businesses to...