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Discussion in 'Agricultural Matters' started by Dave W, May 12, 2017.

  1. Dave W

    Dave W Member

    Thought the following firms deserved a mention.

    Frank Alviti balanced me a flail rotor a couple of months ago. They're 100 odd miles from me so not practical to drop it off and fetch it another day nor would it stand a haulier. We made a plan together for me to drop it off and they'd make sure a man and machine were free so it could be turned round while I waited.
    All at a sensible price too.

    David King electronics sorted the joystick out on my matbro. I couldn't afford to be without it very long so again we made a plan for me to get it to them on a certain day and they'd have a man free waiting for it. It was back and working perfectly within 3 days.
    They've also done me 2 wrapper control boxes this week. 1 came back with a few niggles but a quick phone call and all was sorted. One of the more helpful firms I've dealt with

    Lastly Graham Edwards trailers.
    Called in last week to order a trailer. Wanted a few bits making differently to standard. I got their best price first time and no extra charge for the alterations. Nice to deal with a company that actually listens to what the customers want
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  2. ARW

    ARW Member

    I have also had great service from David King Electrics and all my trailers are from Graham Edwards.
    Without trying I'm doing my part for British manufacturing, 2 protects, 2 bomfords, qickfencer, trailers, both tractors were uk built
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  3. Tomtrac

    Tomtrac Member

    Penrith cumbria
    David king did dash on my NH8160
    And control box on amazone drill great to deal with
    Did see there stand at a show poss cereals ? Tryd to talk to person on david king electronic stand and found then well un interested up there own arss but not let me think eny worse of them just someone not good at PR
  4. DKE almost legendary status and for good reason. Not sure what happened on the trade stand, but I've found David himself is always happy to talk and is a very pleasant chap to deal with.
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  5. awkward

    awkward Member

    kerry ireland
    Have used David King electronics was very happy with service received and great value
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  6. Lazy Eric

    Lazy Eric Member

    Good idea for a thread. I like to hear about good customer service as it's becoming a rarity these days!!
  7. Greedy

    Greedy Member

    Another like for Dave King. It's great to have such a firm that close to home. We can be at their place in 1/4 hr. :)
  8. Forage Trader

    Forage Trader Member

    why would a company not provide good service, is the not the roots of a profitable well run company , but as your at it I will add Griff Chains Dudley , one of the best friendly helpful efficient companies I know
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  9. Dave W

    Dave W Member

    Another one that should be on my list is Geoff matthews engineers.

    I buy 90% of my parts from them. Never need to ask a price beforehand. Advice is also plentiful and free. Very knowledgeable old fashioned firm.
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  10. Steevo

    Steevo Member

    I couldn't let this thread pass without mentioning Chafer. I was only thinking yesterday about it in fact.

    Kev (service manager) in particular is so helpful. You can just call him up if you've got a problem, he's always friendly and happy to chat through , knows the machines inside out and is genuinely pleased to hear from you. I couldn't ask for better!

    Some manufacturers I found just aren't interested and make you feel like you shouldn't be calling.
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  11. Northeastfarmer

    While it's nice to hear about companies providing good service it's rather sad that a thread has had to be started just to highlight companies that provide good services...such a rarity these days
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  12. nick...

    nick... Member

    south norfolk
    A complete opposite to this,i called a well know digger bucket manufacturer in Norwich last monday wanting a new 39inch grader for my volvo.they woukd not supply and told me to contact dealer or volvo.i said time they have a cut i can buy buckets alot cheaper direct elsewhere,digbits,sps only 20 mins away too.i put this on fb moday eve and a boss of a well known west country bucket maker contacted me and said he could supply what i wanted in 24 hours.i thought great,dealing with boss of company and they are a big set up.had a price and he said to call him and get it sorted out.called tues and they said he would call back,but didnt,same wed and thursday so sent a message on messanger saying id take my business elsewhere.he replied he was sorry and he would call me at 8 fruday morning.and here i am typing this at 10.05 sat and still nothing.ill have a look at plant worx and order there
  13. Bruce Almighty

    I can get there in less than 5 minutes :D
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  14. chipchap

    chipchap Member

    South Shropshire
    Quality and good service are remembered long after price has been forgotten.
    Occasionally you get all three!!
    Farmers often ask for a cheaper price but expect quality and service. Sadly disappointment results.
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  15. Steevo

    Steevo Member

    I'd start a "bad service" thread if I were you. That way we could have one thread of praise, and another highlighting firms that could do better.
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  16. nick...

    nick... Member

    south norfolk
    That woukd be good but I don't think we would be allowed to name companies
  17. 2wheels

    2wheels Member

    always found landquip sprayers ( richard abbott ) excellent for service, i have been retired for a while now but hear they are still as good. like wise our local branch of agricar (sandy mathew ).
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  18. Greedy

    Greedy Member

    We had demount and then a trailed years ago. Very good service. Bit further than DK though!;)
    John Rhodes AS for sprayers local and good service
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  19. James

    James Member

    Comber, Down
    Have not used them personally but spoke to them at lamma as they were packing up and were polite keen and helpful. A lot more than some are at shows.
  20. Jetemp

    Jetemp Member

    North Yorkshire
    Bateman sprayers legendary service!

    Peacock and Binnington at brigg look after our challengers they are 120+ miles away from us but look after us and give much much better service than dealers 5 miles away in the local town!

    Allmet driers always exceptional service but believe that they are no longer running a service department, has any one else heard this?

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