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Discussion in 'Agricultural Matters' started by Dave W, May 12, 2017.

  1. Forever Fendt

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    Excellent service from Unbrako precast ordered a full load of panels on Tuesday and delivered them today for a rush job
  2. The usual good price and excellent service on today's arrival from @Terry Elsey Tyres

  3. Not so much good service as a product recommendation (although Kelly at Toolstation Welwyn Garden City always has a smile and some friendly banter to accompany her excellent attitude). I needed to fit space boarding / Yorkshire boarding to the back of our "new" cattle shed. It was originally a grain store with grain walling and the eves beams are thick section steel channel. I thought I'd give these fixings a try to secure the timber to the beam as they are described as "Heavy duty self-drilling":


    They've been excellent to use, even into 8mm galvanised steel :eek::cool:
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  4. Aye-up,

    Now then, after a lot of arguing and disappointment with my insurer of 32 years, I needed a change.

    After a recommendation from @ED.D I contacted @Kimberley from Grosvenor Insurance Brokers, who drove down from Cheshire for a couple of hours to see what we needed. My previous insurance provider wouldn’t even drive 20 minutes from their HQ!

    To cut a long story short, Kimberley sorted us a comprehensive insurance package which went live at midnight last night.

    Excellent service, even answering calls whilst on holiday (sorry Kimberley, I know I was told!) and whilst off sick.

    I know it’s early days yet and the proof will be how a claim is handled, but as far as recommending Kimberley personally, I wouldn’t hesitate. A very professional and knowledgeable service.

    If you’re looking to change, give her a try. (y)
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  5. bkg

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    Ordered 2 loncin engines from them 4.35 one night last week in our yard before 11am the next day. Top people to deal with.
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  6. Steevo

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  7. bitwrx

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    Protech machinery just went out of their way to help me with a problem that they really didn't have to, supplying parts for another manufacturer's product. Not their core business, but beat eBay and my local dealer for price and speed.

    Mega thumbs up. Will put them top of the lost when replacing the bit of gear they just helped us fix!
  8. Hesstondriver

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    woodfield baler spares

    are worth a mention in this thread, I use them as the are only five minuets away but always helpful and good service.

    I went in for some bits in the middle of winter, the guys were flat out sending parts out because " every day is bailing day somewhere in the world, and today its Australia"!!
  9. Red Fred

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    I'll second that, they have always got us out of trouble.
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  10. Oscar

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    Another one for @Terry Elsey Tyres . I e mailed asking for a price at 5.15pm, had reply 7.15am next day. Spoke to Phil at 8.20am and ordered. Tyres turned up 5 days later as promised.
    Never used before but great service and best price I could find.
  11. Red Fred

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    A thumbs-up for ATS in Ringwood. I was setting off for market on Tuesday when I noticed I had a puncture in the trailer tyre, so I changed the wheel and dropped off the tyre for repair. The lad phoned back promptly to say it was fixed and when I went in to pay, the manager said "That's Ok, it only needed a new valve so we won't charge."
    It's only a small thing but it made me smile all day. :)
  12. essexpete

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    A vote for a gentleman by the name of Nick Wingfield a Suffolk based ag fitter and engineer. he has given me an enormous amount of help over the years with my old JD 550. I have never actually met him but spoken on the phone. If any one is stuck with a problem in Suffolk with root harvesting machinery or balers and particularly JD round balers he is your man!
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  13. Same thing fora chap named Sam Johnson who is a great source of advice on John Deere tractors.

    I’m not even sure where he is based but I think it’s Staffordshire/Derbyshire

    Always helpful and knowledgeable. I’ve never met him but have called him several times for advice which has always been bang on.

    He supplied a clutch kit for my 3350 once too in double quick time. Smashing chap.
  14. Forage Trader

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    Griff Chains at Dudley .even took me for a tour around the factory. That guy has so much time for you . What a wonderful friendly company to do business with 20190607_143248.jpg 20190607_133217.jpg
  15. fastfish

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    Had good back up from S Cheers machinery Holsworthy thanks Steve
  16. Penderfeed at Duns. Dropped my lamb weigher in to be repaired last Friday. It was sitting in my shed for me when I got back from work on Wednesday. Quick turn around and saved me an hour plus to pick it up!

    Border Tyres at Berwick are excellent as well. Keen on price and great service on farm or at their workshop. I never go anywhere else.
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  17. chaffcutter

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    S. Staffs
    @Cab-over Pete - Sam used to be workshop foreman at a JD dealership (Netherseal Tractors?)
    He now runs the service team at Pete Mellor Contracting. First rate chap. there’s no-one who knows more about JD stuff and always willing to help.
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  18. mf298

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    Border Tyres for me too. David is always helpful and keeps the rest of the family right too!
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  19. Chae1

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    Connor from McHale. Called at half past 7 tonight due to problem with wrapper, answered phone, he was obviously at a party. Called someone else and diagnosed problem and called back.

    Didn't expect him to answer on a Sunday night on fathers day.
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  20. Rekord, Warwickshire. Supplied a new baler, delivered it in person, fixed our tractor hydraulics (!), stayed all day to make sure working ok (& we are NOT easy to get to.). Pleasant, competitive rates, available easily if spares needed.

    Clarke & Pulman, Lancashire. Tractor parts. Competitive prices, pleasant, efficient.
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