Goodnature A24 Rat Trap

I have my son working on a trap design at the moment. Thinking battery plus a capacitator. I'm looking for an instant kill and able to take multiples of rats.


Arable Farmer
I got one to try last year and no kills yet in the feed shed. Will try moving it to a different position and see if that works any better.

Also got a squirrel trap to try and have had two kills so far, again I don’t think it’s in the best location.

Really like the idea of them, just wish the results were easier!!


nr. preston
Well update
Ladt night Spotted vermin signs in building
Carp pellets sacks that shouldn't have been laying around at this time of the year.
Luckily mouse pooh visible hole in old concrete on floor , old building, repete offender. I hate that building.
Cleaned up last night best i could, sacks in tubs up high .
Setter a24 ,new gas , zeroed counter. Used there bait . Choc squeezy pot thing
Pile of mice this am. Read 06 .
Zeroed, cleared bodies.
Just looked so poss 8 hours
More bodies 05 counter.
So it does work on 🐁 .

Maybe not so shite after all ?????
Fenn no 4 here is effective
setting is a knack needing strong hands to get the safety catch on then set
releasing the safety catch when in place

if you do not want to leave it set 24 7 Leave it in the tunnel with the safety on
then if the trap gets sprung you can reset it when you can check it
this can often catch with in 24 hours as the rat is not frightened of the trap
resetting every day is important As if a rat sees a dead rat they learn to avoid the trap
i Now rarely use poison which is a cost saving

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