Gorse Bush protein.


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Harvesting it, hauling it half way across the country to a factory, grinding it up, adding 45 ingredients (if it's anything like a Greggs vegan "ham n cheez" sarny) to make it barely palatable, burning the waste to claim an energy sub and then shipping it around the globe as a 'carbon neutral whole food replacement for meat'.

It sounds like a halfway house between eating human excrement and Soylent Green.

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Well, at one time gorse or whins were cut for fodder, then put through a WHIN mill to crush it and break down the spikes, so it must have some nutrients. Also, plants grow protection against grazing animals. Lots will eat the tips of growing whins or gorse and they wouldn't bother if there was nothing in it for them.

A whin mill, by the way, was a circular trough with a vertical stone wheel, running in the trough, on a beam hinged at the centre of the trough and drawn around by some beast (horse, pony, donkey, etc).

Do a Google Images search for WHIN MILL (not "wind" mill!), find the illustration below, and you'll find an earlier thread.

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there's a reasonably successful horse trainer close to us, pal sold him an industrial meat mincer, reckoned mince gorse, was a 'magical' cure, for his horses when they needed a pick me up.


Apparently, there was a type of gorse that was called chaffing gorse. "eithin chaffio" in our Wenglish. Apparently it would be cut and chaffed and mixed with the straw,hay chaff for the horses.The family story goes that my grandfather as a young man was fed up with half of a nice 2 acre field used for growing this stuff, one day when his father was away for the day, ripped it up with the plough. My late father did remember some in the hedge bank, a kind of gorse ,but not so prickly. Old OS maps do show the far end of this field as scrub/ rough.so there was something in the story


I’m sure I’ve been told that when Hannibal got stuck in an alpine pass with his horses over winter they ran out of feed, so the horses resorted to eating the gorse. By the time spring came and the snows melted his horses had got fat and lazy.
(Names and places may have been changed due to senility!)

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